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How about a decentralized authenticator app that you pay like 0.01 to use
Interesting. I don't know how the tech on this stuff works, but if someone can make something to completely replace horrible 2FA, I'd pay! ;-)
what's the value of it being decentralized?
mooncat replied:
I just don't want the codes to be at a central point of failure so they can be read or intercepted.
musiq replied:
It can't be decentralized if you have to use it as an app because all apps go through the app store.
mooncat replied:
Not if it's placed on every website that wants to use it. You can then go straight to the most trusted sources to use it or even get a downloadable app version.
mooncat replied:
The fee paid could help pay for onboarding and hosting
You could attach it to money button, relayx, twetch, powping, etc