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Would, but shan't as HandCash wants to give to Block Post my: 1. Public profile ($handle, name, profile pic) ✔️ 2. Private profile (email and phone number) ❌ 3. Encrypt and decrypt ✔️ 4. Trigger payments ✔️ 5. Sign data with my identity ✔️ With Money Button Block Post would need: 1. User ID and name ✔️ 2. Public profile info ✔️ 3. Balance ❌
nate replied:
Do you think it’s a scam?
bitcoin_assassin replied:
Isn't that the same as powping.com?
bitcoin_assassin replied:
If you log in with moneybutton it's essential the same thing?
pete replied:
@nate, no, it's just giving information that's not relevant for using a website. I'd *especially* like to prevent my phone number from being shared. 😉 @bitcoin_assassin: PowPing needs from user's MB account the public key, Paymail, and Paymail Signature.