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Learn by doing

You'd really be crazy to not do your own research with any large investment of money or time.

There are specialized aspects of Bitcoin research for which I must defer to the opinions of a handful of people I trust. When it comes to consumer-facing apps, I'm a fan of learning by doing.

The quality and granularity of information gained by using and experiencing the magic of Bitcoin is different than what you'd get by listening to so-called experts.

Even the top spokespeople for BSV are probably unaware of how simultaneously awesome and sucky some of the most widely and rarely used BSV apps can be.

Today, I decided to create a Tonic Pow campaign. Because I've got a stack of calendars to sell!

In my mind, I estimated 15 minutes for this task. LOL, it ended up taking closer to an hour.

This is how it went:

1. Logging into my Tonic Pow account. I had a "Promoter" profile already created with a password, deposit address, etc.

2. The next step should have been to add an "Advertiser" profile (+ New Advertiser in the top right corner on desktop, by clicking on your profile). But I didn't realize this until a bit later, after I'd already clicked on "Create Campaign".

3. After clicking "Create Campaign", I had to take a moment to create an image for the campaign (with a 2:1 aspect ratio as recommended).

4. This screen looked mostly straightforward:

The image slider was quite sensitive (I accidentally zoomed in and then had to readjust back and forth) and I kind of wished that there was a darker line to indicate where the border is (the image I uploaded has a white border so I couldn't see the edges).

To the right of the image there's a spot for Title and Description.

I decided to make the Target URL my shop page, which actually links to an Etsy but includes extra information about orders with BSV payment option.

There's a handy dropdown menu for Pay per click. I also expected to see an amount for funding the campaign at this point, but that turned up later in the process (after creating the campaign).

The Advertiser Profile was the part I got stuck on, because I hadn't done that in the beginning (as mentioned previously). I clicked several times but it was not clear how to find or create this.

I didn't set any Expiration and didn't use the advanced feature called Goals which requires API integration for your app.

This is where I got stuck and went in circles for a bit. Unfortunately the Title and Description information were erased every time I came back to the form (a couple of times).

Until ... I figured out to Add Advertiser to my profile. I accidentally added two Advertiser profiles, because non-techy people like me will repeat actions if unsure (it's like sending the same print job to the printer twice, because there was an error with the first job and then getting two copies due to impatience and bad troubleshooting, when you only wanted one copy).

Top right corner of Tonic Pow, when logged in.

After adding a New Advertiser profile I went back to fill in the Create Campaign page (again) and voilà ...

Well, I expected a confirmation to happen automatically but I had to refresh the page.

After seeing that a campaign had indeed been created (after clicking Agree for the Terms and Conditions), it was now time to fund the campaign by choosing an amount I wanted to spend.

I did not see a currency menu so I assumed the $0.08 was in USD. I don't remember setting a currency but it was probably part of the signup process.

The wallet I used to fund the campaign was set to CAD so I estimated the conversion. I used the scan QR code option for funding.

Because I couldn't figure out how to delete the accidental duplicate Advertiser profiles, I received some lovely technical support via Twitter and the extra profile was manually removed.

The next step will be to share the newly created Tonic Pow campaign so we can deal with the fact that Twitter's algorithm only shows a fraction of my followers what I'm posting, including BUY A CALENDAR posts. The time to be shameless is not when you're trying to sell something. Anyone who's ever tried to sell stuff for real would understand this. :)

And that's how you Do Your Own Research, not by hodling!

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Thanks for checking it out. It always kills me to see people experience non obvious things (or worse, bugs!). You'll be happy to know we are aware of a few issues and are building a new version of the website that should be more intuitive and have fewer little unexpected issues. Feedback really helps!
Your link is missing in this post to the webshop to buy the calendar! ;)
satoshidoodles tipped:
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1 year ago
reldavs replied:
satoshidoodles tipped:
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1 year ago
Not being able to delete the extra advertiser profile— that’s a CRUDdy thing to do! (Sorry, couldn’t resist the opportunity for coder-humor on a Satoshi Doodles ping)
satoshidoodles tipped:
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1 year ago
Selling is shameless “know” that you’re worth it and your work is worth it (however I haven’t bought a calendar, yet). It’s a hard consumer world out there.
satoshidoodles replied:
Yep, thanks Vegard. It's uphill both ways right now. Everything is an experiment. ;-)