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Bought me one of those nifty "TIC" tickers. Jack Liu! Im coming for you!!!
bpm tipped:
Nice! I just got one too… I have no idea how to use it. Lemme know what you find out.
thoth replied:
finding myself wanting to join the fun "the tic club"
tonymontoshi replied:
@nate you just have to go on RelayX and mint some of your art. It can be nft or token. Then just go on Twitter or twetch and dm Liam and give him the contract address and tic you want it attached to and then you have to just wait for them to list it. You could also put you website in the info of said token or nft and then I think it will pay off for you pretty quick. I’ll be buying when it’s done! πŸ”₯@thoth definitely go for it!
what one!