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BSV Basics

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Why are people so keen to get other tokens on BSV? Surely it's better for everyone to use the bsv coin as the means of payment as everyone grows the value of the ecosystem and shares in the value created. If people add tokens then you'll see eth type ico scams stealing value from the bsv coin and exit scamming.
@mooncat ... I think this can help, it explains tokenisation in detail... good read! https://coingeek.com/bitcoin101/what-is-tokenization/
My thoughts on this is that BSV should be the canvas to everything built on top of it. Companies in the future who built services using BSV will perhaps collaborate with each other. As an example, lets say amex want to make a collaboration with an hotel chain. They both have point systems that their customers can collect. Imagine then if AMEX and the hotel chain have their token point system built on BSV it will then be easier for them to connect then if they would be using something complelty different. It is like the telecom industry. First countries used different networks and it wouldn't work to bring your mobile abroad as it didnt connect with rhe country you go to but now it is not a problem anymore as we use same network like 4G and soon even 5G. Another reason for tokens being important would be if countries want to tokenize their fiat currency. Imagine how easy it would be for us to connect without exchange rates we are dealing with today.
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