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Constitutional Tiered Democracy (CTD)

I have a political idea, a form of living and personal democracy!


10 Citizens select 1 Level-1 Representative

10 Level-1 Representatives select 1 Level-2 Representative

10 Level-2 Representatives select 1 Level-3 Representative

And so on until there are less than 10 of the highest level Representatives, who would be known as Apex Level Representatives. These Representatives would form the Presidential Council and publicly elect, from among themselves, the President who would serve for a minimum period of 1-year.

Selections must be public and living—they would be recorded in a transparent public ledger and would be changeable by the selector at anytime, although there would be a delay of 1-month before a Representative would lose his/her position due to not having enough supporters.


As a safeguard measure, the President could be removed from Office by the Citizens. Citizens would be able to select at anytime if they approve or disapprove of the President—this is again recorded in a public ledger. If disapproval exceeds approval by at least 50%, and at least 10% of all Citizens have participated, the President would be removed from office—immediately if s/he has already served for more than 1 year—as would the remaining Representatives that elected the former President. Furthermore, once formally removed from the Presidency, the former President, and the Representatives that elected him/her, would not be permitted to hold public office again.


The above living democratic political system would be enshrined in our Constitution along with the liberties, rights, and duties of Citizens. For-example, the libertarian non-aggression principle, the right to select a Representative, the right to free-expression, and the right to own and be trained to use modern-weaponry might be enshrined. This constitutional and personal democratic system would be far less susceptible to mass-media-manipulation. If we start using this system—beginning at the neighbourhood level—we could supplant the existing power-structure without directly attacking it. Any government derives ultimate legitimacy from the public. This CTD system would be instantly more legitimate than the existing corrupt and evil system. Think about it and imagine the possibilities.


BSV makes all of the above possible, and could also serve as our primary public ledger and currency, however, there should be a free-market in currencies and ledgers. BSV has a fixed max supply and thus we would not have to worry about currency dilution—inflation of the money supply—stealing value from the money we hold. Banks and governments would be forced to be more honest, and less evil.

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