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whats better? a. mind having an out of body experience b. body having an out of mind experience c. strongly neither
What is body having an out of mind experience? Like where the mind quietens and only the flow of direct sensory experiences within the body are experienced?
musiq replied:
Good point, can you experience something without a mind? wouldn't the fact that you're experiencing something mean there is some sort of "mind" at play?
liam replied:
Yeah, body without a mind is a contradiction. I actually think this idea of a "body-mind" connection is a false dichotomy.
lamingtons replied:
what do people mean if they say someone is out of their mind? some interference in the connection to reality, like a man in the middle attack. people get drunk dancing and 'lose their minds' from the enjoyment
> b. body having an out of mind experience Isn't this just a mad man?
lamingtons replied:
not necessarily. there are many ways to interpret that such as possession, temporary insanity, anger as you say or some kind of exotic drug trip
musiq tipped:
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1 year ago
lamingtons replied: