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Miners in BTC have no real power. The only business that can use BTC is one that uses it for speculation. So, you know how the BSV protocol is more secure when a whole bunch of different businesses use it? The BTC ticker is more secure, or easier to control by Core (or ????), when only traders use it. You simply subvert the exchanges, the centralized points that generate transactions. The exchanges aren't going to lose profit and disrupt their customers by making them change all their contracts over during a fork. If miners fork away, who will be using their service? There is no commerce on BTC outside of speculation. Traders will have to follow the exchanges that set the ticker, as that's what their positions and contracts will continue to follow. Change the POW and the miners are effectively ditched. Fork and create software miners don't like, they have no choice but to switch because all the profit (tx fees) follows the ticker. It's a balance of power between the TX producers and the TX processors. But in BTC the processing of transactions is trivially easy, so they actually have no power. They're basically for show.
BTC is a bet on one of humans innate psychological weaknesses, the power of narrative.
"A purely peer-to-peer version of electronic cash would allow online payments to be sent directly from one party to another without going through a financial institution. " Being as core coin fees are so high what exactly are they selling?? If transaction fees are high it makes a electronic cash system impossible! It is not BitCoin!
token_squatting replied:
They're product is the feeling of having money. It's a very addicting feeling.
token_squatting replied:
*their product