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Levitating on invisible Segways 

Around every living creature, around every inanimate object, there is a field.

This field encompasses all, and in many cases, permeates.

This field exists beyond sight or vision.

But for those who have the means, this field can be accessed, and it brings instant connection between them, wherever they might be in the world.

It allows instantaneous connection and knowing between those who have the ability to access it.

And yet, to those who cannot access it, it seems like a fairy tale.

Among those who are unable to access it, some have heard of it and believe it exists.

Some cannot believe it.

But for those who know of the field and have acquired the means to access it, it is as commonplace as the sun’s rising and setting.

The field that I speak of is known among most of its users as internet Wi-Fi.


I have taken something commonplace and described it in esoteric terms.

Yet, for those of us who grew up without internet and without Wi-Fi, we can take a step back and realise how magical this commonplace technology once would have seemed.


Now, what if the esoteric things you’ve heard of today are simply advanced technology or mechanics that are not yet commonplace, but are actually commonplace in the grand scheme of time?

One day we might all be levitating like douchebags on invisible Segways.


#entrepreneurREAL #selfimprovement


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