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Feature request: Email/Baemail notifictions For a new social medium it is important to build momentum because network effect is crucial for the platform's usefulness. In the beginning there will not be much communication on the platform, and therefore users will easily forget about Powping, and not log in very often. That means people will not see answers to their own posts and other content in a timely manner. Having email notifications (through Baemail perhaps, because Baemail already has email notifications) will make it easier to bootstrap Powping because content will be discovered faster by the relevant users. That will keep replies coming faster. I imagine that email notifications is most useful for casual users who will not be using Powping much. They can benefit from being informed that something relevant for them happened on Powping. These casual users, the normies, are important in building Powping's network effect. Other types of notifications, using browser and/or operating system features can also be considered.
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2 years ago
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2 years ago
Many thanks for this, I was thinking on the same lines, but you put it a lot better than I would have. I think notifications would also be useful for people who are involved in other groups, Telegram for example, receiving alerts would be great help in keeping track of what is going on. Suggesting Baemail was inspired!