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What if the world we are living in is just a lobby, and the real world hasn't even started?
andrew tipped:
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4 days ago
I find the Gnostic teachings on this subject fascinating.
bitcoinappdev tipped:
"Death is only the beginning" - The Book of Ra
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3 days ago
adonsats replied:
oh yeah ?
bitcoinappdev replied:
Oh yeah.
Scott Adams (and others) talk about the Simulation... according to that idea it's much more likely that we are living in a programmed simulation than not! I wonder if it runs on a blockchain??
president_kanye replied:
Would that make Heisenberg's uncertainty principle a result of its proof of work?
... and what if this lobby was not a lobby, but just an outside area before the entrance of the real world's lobby?
bitcoinappdev tipped:
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3 days ago
It's extremly likely true. However, the lobby has a reason, it's not just there to idle around in it...
Take off your hats, jackets and shoes.
Dunno if you've seen this movie@unwriter , but your sentence reminds me of this scene.. 🥰 https://youtu.be/SQybGDn9fME
That’s like.. the biggest lobby in the world.
Earth is a tryout for heaven.
bitcoinappdev tipped:
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4 days ago
chrispin_kabuya replied:
There are also heavenly bodies and there are earthly bodies; but the splendor of the heavenly bodies is one kind, and the splendor of the earthly bodies is another. The sun has one kind of splendor, the moon another and the stars another; and star differs from star in splendor. 1 Corinthians 15:40‭-‬41 NIV https://bible.com/bible/111/1co.15.40-41.NIV
bitcoinappdev tipped:
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4 days ago
president_kanye replied:
Earthly bodies plural ;-)
Then loading times are pretty shitty
Definitely a lot of lobbying going on!
that's probably why most people are always waiting for something.
sudo lobby realworld
Did you have a peek?
Or we are living the real life but we think we are in the lobby.
It is a shame that it took us more than 3 000 years to try to rebuild what it is broken now...what our grand fathers broken looking be your side, you see a GREAT PYRAMID that is faaar more bitcoin complete than any actual capitalist building. again... WELCOME to the past.
There are still too many dark areas.
adonsats replied:
let me correct: IT is a re-real world many powerful people teached us how to sustain a real world but we did not want to listen... we killed them. WELCOME TO THE RE-genesis folks😎
then we should concentrate on find a concierge who will take us to our room
tracyspacy replied:
*on finding