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Anyone have any theory why TAAL stock is rising while BSV is going down? Been assuming all TAAL investors would be BSV investors as well, but thinking maybe there might be some investors who don't care about BSV but see TAAL attractive? What might be the reason?
I’ve been watching it go down slowly for a while now, the price rising slightly back up is hardly something considerable. Has more to do before I’d consider there must be a reason.
Personally, I see enormously greater potential in TAAL. I have swapped what BSV I had for TAAL. When USDT and all variants are exposed as scams I will start to buy BSV again... with my TAAL gainz.
seangray replied:
Did I mention you can buy TAAL with a Roth IRA and avoid taxes upon retirement? This also permits your estate planners or private trust to make legal contracts with your assets. It’s a million times better atm.
dlsit replied:
I like Taal but I think it's higher risk until BSV adoption by enterprises takes off. As they are going to burn cash and have to dilute shares until that happens. There isn't much money in transactions currently.
TAAL has very, very low liquidity. Someone buying up $15k-$30k worth of TAAL shares can move the price by a few %. There was a bit of a volume spike the last few days as TAAL was bleeding, then price went up.
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Thank you that was helpful!