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I overclocked my PI4 got a pretty solid chip. Here are my settings for later reference over_voltage=4 arm_freq=1950 gpu_freq=600 v3d_freq=750 Runs N64 smoothly. Using an Ice-Tower to cool. (Picture)
neokiewiet tipped:
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2 years ago
Very nice. I was wondering how high I could overclock it. Getting my Pi 4 4gb delivered tomorrow. I already received the Black Armour Aluminium Case with 2 x Ultra Silence Fans. Hopefully it is a good cooling unit, but yours is extreme mate. Looks very capable. Thx for the OC settings.
miggy replied:
Yea I pushed it to the limit, the stats should serve as a reference base, let me know how well that case cools. I haven't used my PI4 in a while (bought it when it came out) but I think with the Ice-Tower I didn't get over 60 °C even on max usage.