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Hello all, is anyone still here?? I am having some problems writing in B://. When I upload an html doesnt show accents and characters like ñ... I tried to code it UTF-8 but I dont know what I am doing wrong. https://bico.media/a7473236acde13e2d9e4d814afcda63cbc191e7b4de07f1a039edb5e68e87360
When saving the HTML file, did you save it with UTF-8 encoding? :-) I was able to upload a plain text file with the Bico.media uploader. The text (file) has one of those Spanish ñ's: https://bico.media/357a6fb05b597c1dd3539e47b2a4a32782d04b9825938a8e0354192cedcad0c8 It was uploaded with UTF-8 encoding.
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1 year ago
arbusto replied:
If I upload it in bico.media it looks perfect. https://bico.media/d3f073ef38aaf9ef79a33b45a025435fd695a159a4ea67d84cfdc48039285265 I will check the encoding, probably cant do it in regular ascii