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Is it possible to add games? Kinda like FB in the early days. Mafia wars kept me checking back in to FB. I would image the goal is to keep folks on powping as long ss possible and interacting with each other. Games that allow us to interact with each other and buy stuff from each other. Im sure it needs tweeked but it my suggestion to you guys. The platform is awesome and i love it.
if facebook did not exist, what would you create for Powping 🧐 ?
I like this idea. Maybe someone could write a storyline for a dark vs light arena or darklight arena. Mostly need a bunch of illustrations and captions like a card game.
Yeah that's what I was thinking with the possibility of embedding iframes. I'm thinking about making a site for trading Run jigs that could integrate... guess it depends what direction@unwriter and co want to take but I think games / iframes would be a huge advantage and draw, compared to Twetch which is more memes and other visuals (though they've added cool things like polls). If PowPing allows iframes... and once Run is in public beta / stable release... I'll commit to bringing chess, space invaders / flappy bird -type games, and / or interactive musical content to PowPing.