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"If Bitcoin fails, then the idea will never be what it was designed to be. There will never be a free, open, hard and uncontrolled money. Nothing else will replace it. What comes will use the technology, but it will be something else, something monstrous and something that enslaves and not something that frees." -CSW
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Great quote, where was that one sourced?
liam replied:
Yes great quote and a great piece it was from too. It was written on yours.org by CSW, although the site seems to have been taken down so here's an archived link: https://web.archive.org/web/20200518181429/https://www.yours.org/content/a-call-to-arms-cac97203528f
glauce replied:
Wow, that is great read! Craig in full fire... so bloody good, so informative, specially for someone like me who came to Bitcoin after all that... many thanks for the link@liam, bookmarked to never loose it (will go back to read the comments in full).
glauce replied:
Loved the quote too!