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so if michael Jordan came into the league at 1984 that man got eliminated 84 85 86 87 88 89 and 90 the pistons and the Celtics whooped his ass every time ima tell u something else I used to watch the ngga scored 67 in one game against larry bird and still lost the game so it dont matter how great u are u not gon win by urself it is a TEAM sport michael jordan all 6 finals michael Jordan played against he went against first he went against the lakers that was magic johnsons last year he had aids james worthy and byron scott was out of the series cus they was hurt so it was just michael jordan against a sorry lakers team the next year he go against portand trailblazers who didn’t have nobody but clyde Drexler and who? kevin duckworth? aww he sorry who else did they have? jerome kersey? aw he sorry and then who they go against the next year? the phoenix suns? u had charles barkley and who else? kevin johnson and dan marley? man them nggas aint no competition and then u left if he was so good when u left the bulls to go play baseball Michael Jordan u left the bulls after u left the bulls they had won 58 games the next year they won 56 games with scottie pippen so that let u know scottie pippen was still hoopin cus even after u left they still went to the end of the playoffs and almost made it to the finals and went 7 games with the knicks so what u talkin about? Then he came back and played the seattle supersonics in 94 and the seattle supersonics who did they beat? nobody went to the finals once played gary payton man u sorry and then who u play after that? a 34 and 35 year old john Stockton and karl Malone? That’s who u went up against? a old ass Utah team? so what u won 6 times so what? Lebron done went 8 times already u already done went 6 times lebron gon finish beatin u in scoring and assists he gon be the leading scorer of all time kobe aint even in the conversation kobe u sorry as shit if kobe was that damn good kobe was on a team with shaq shaq had the 3 mvps shaq had them 3 finals mvps u wasn’t even the best player on ur team bro so then guess what happened to u then u got yo ass whooped by the Detroit in 2004 detroit whooped that ass Detroit put yall ass out what happened? Detroit beat yall 4 to 1 kobe was over there crying with tears runnin down his face I remember that he was crying like the little hoe that he is and then guess what else happened guess what else happened that same team that put kobe out them same Detroit pistons guess who beat em the next year? Lebron james. he beat em with nobody on his team he scored 34 points in a row to put them nggas out he mighta got swept in the finals against san Antonio but so what he made it just like if Jordan was good enough in 88 to get past the pistons which he wasn’t but if he did and woulda went against the real showtimes lakers he woulda gotten swept ass wept by magic johonson and his team hell when Michael Jackson beat the damn lakers kareem abdul jabbar had already retired man get out of here with that Michael Jordan shit yall ypung nggas don’t know nothing im old I watched all that shit Jordan he was good but guess what he used to kick it over to paxson. money. he used to kick that over to bj Armstrong. Money. he used to kick it out to steve kerr. Money. Them nggas was money u kno what im sayin? Scottie pippen best 2 way player first team all nba defense hall of famer what is yall talkin about this ngga done went in aevery finals he played against it was only 1 hall of famer on the other team. Lebron going agsinst 4 hall of famers they had to get 2 mvps and 4 all stars to beat this man. they cant beat this man u better crown the king god dammit crown him