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I need to start using Baemail more often. It would be awesome if there were some kind of desktop application so I could get notifications or something if I get a message.
I have the same feeling... I want to use Baemail more often as well... you are right, we need something to bring it closer in daily use. We can already get notifications via email, but I think we need something else... wonder what that could be...
glauce replied:
If I remember correctly, some time ago, somebody mentioned having Baemail within PowPing, integrated... I think that could be an excellent move!
nenicloud replied:
a message to@unwriter --> is there a way to add plugins to powping using any tools you have out? I am very new to web development. If you have anything that might help me get something like a notification thing for powping built, i would love to know what you have available.