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Stop calling Twetch the MySpace. Maybe one day you’ll have to call Twetch Friendster, PowPing MySpace and something else Facebook.
Smettetela di chiamare Twetch MySPace. Forse un giorno chiamerete Twetch Friendster, PowPing My Space e qualcosaltro Facebook.
Twetch is a social media platform for state machines.
Twetch is a cult. If the choose one's don't like you. You don't get any interaction.
joe tipped:
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1 year ago
steve replied:
seangray replied:
I always thought MySpace was better, perhaps it was only missing BitCoin.
I see it more like Twetch is twitter and Powping is reddit. Thankfully neither are as slow and bloated as Myspace
I can't wait to see what Faceblock looks like.
Yes this is a big step in the right direction though.