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Bitcoin is an open, global, single, immutable, database. Its unique, there hasn't been anything like it before. That is its value. Its not about the coins, those are merely required to maintain it. Its slightly ruined by the fact there are many blockchains, but once the benefits of everyone using the same database are realised, one blockchain will emerge as the standard. That standard will be Bitcoin SV.
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It's new, it's disruptive in a good way, and despite sounding quite scary, "one blockchain will emerge as the standard" is the only argument that makes sense.
Nchain, five years. BSV, two years. Can you tell me why BSV block is still only 1M?
musiq replied:
Bitcoin is a technology. And the BSV technology is capable of facilitating much more than 1M (I think around 1GB), and that's what matters because no other chain can do this today. I thank the Bitcoin SV node developers and miners for all this effort. Also they are trying hard to get more businesses onboard now that the chain has the capabilities to do so. Sure, it would be nice if things move faster but you can't force organic growth. The best you can do is to be supportive if you really care about Bitcoin for its potential.
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