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Blowing off Steem

While draining the last pennies from my old Steemit accounts, I noticed a predictive article I wanted to save, so I'm copying/pasting it below for y'all's amraiusement.

While I was dusting off my spreadsheet which keeps track of the currency bubble which will soon collapse, including fiats and cryptocurrencies, I noticed "SteemDollars" were at a remarkable $7 per token.  Wow, that's about the all-time high from back in late 2017.  So I figured it was time to figure out how to get past all the changes Justin Sun made with his wonkey suspect-as-fuck acquisition of wonky suspect-AF Steemit, and attempt to recover any shrapnel which was left in my two accounts due to all the nasty HODL-demanding "straight-jackets" Steem used to put on an account.  Back when I realized BSV was the real McCoy, I had asked for all my Steem-crap to be converted to something I could ship OUT of the accounts.  This was mostly done in 2019, and I never remember the status.  I had an account for basketball writing, which scratched an itch to write about SOMETHING, as well as experiment with crypto-currency tokens which I viewed as total crappola back then.

Look at all this cryptocrap stuff, STEEM POWER, STEEM, STEEM DOLLARS, SAVINGS, TRON.  Steemit started with a single private key, and years later it was hard to figure out how to even log-in.  What a pile of Dan Larimer crap!  Justin Suns eats this crap up.

Due to a podcast I shot with X-man Liu of sCrypt, I had mentioned this article pasted below (from Steemit).  In the article, I realize quarterback Carson Wentz has been injured for the season, and use my knowledge of bittersweet Philadelphia sports to predict the winner of the Super Bowl, and the fate of it's winning quarterback-- all before the big game.  Mere hours after Wentz was declared out for the season, I knew this was exactly how a Philadelphia sports team wins it's championships-- via a new insert who then leaves Philadelphia forever.  I'd seen this movie many times before with Dallas Green, Mike Arbuckle, the Toronto Blue Jays guy who won 2008 World Series, and I knew Nick Foles was going to be the next one.  You see, Philly only wins infrenquently bc it's the FANS and the economics of the city itself that's the problem.  It's a city which is famous for the expression: "snatching defeat from the jaws of victory".  

Since this was mentioned in a BSV-related podcast, I felt the need to post this diatribe on Phily sports in general here, in the NBA Channel on powping, mostly because it might show people what Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid's fate might be in the near term-- AFTER either winning or appearing in a Finals soon.  They are close to appearing, which is bad news for the world economy too.  Philly sports success and deflationary collapses go hand in hand.  So you should not cheer the 76ers unless you like depressions.

Without further ado, here's how my mind works when it comes to Philly sports, and it's also why I'm thinking that maybe Embiid will go down with injury this year, and be replaced by Dwight Howard and/or Tony Bradley, only to have Philly ship the winning center out of town just like they do all the winning pieces who might contribute to more than a single champioship every 50 years.


Sometimes When you Win, You Lose: The Philadelphia Eagles will win the SUPER BOWL

tenhanger (43)in #sportsteem•3 years ago(edited)

You don't know pro Philly sports, so let's start at the beginning before we talk football:
Philadelphia, the city, has been a loser for centuries. "Philly" was once the capital of the American Empire before losing it to a bland riverbank-ed area in Northern Virginia / Southern Maryland (Washington D.C.). Given New York City was founded and saturated by the VERY mercantile Dutch colonials, we're not sure Philadelphia was EVER the ECONOMIC capital of the Empire, but it was at least larger than life back when those Constitutional Conventions were taking place in the late 18th century. Philadelphia until just years ago still wouldn't allow buildings to be taller than "William Penn's hat", a statue on top of its iconic Independence Hall. This was of course an awful city law, but not really reponsible for New York literally towering over Philly in stature. No, Philly lost its mojo due to 4 things specifically which sealed it's fate as a perennial loser:

#1 The Dutch
Maybe if the Dutch colonists had drifted further south, Philly would be the great American east-coast city, not New York. Dutch near-religious advocation of trade made the New Amersterdam colony VERY unique indeed. So devoted to trade were the Dutch, they made a deal with the invading British Navy to just hand them the keys to the city if the British agreed to not attack their fort and agreed to keep all existing trade laws. The British, of course, abided by this for a little while, on the order of decades, but this was enough to allow the Dutch+English colony to grow faster than other cities. Well that and...

#2 Superior harbor
Philly has your "typical" harbor along a river, similar to maybe London albeit perhaps not as convenient. The Philly harbor lines the Delaware River, and existed right where Market Street, the main East-West trade-oriented thoroughfare met Dock Street (0th Street) which bordered the river banked docks. Ships, before the great age of bridges, could realistically only pull up to Philadelphia on one side of the river bank (the other side being New Jersey). This would be enough, except for the very unique island-nature of Manhattan. in Manhattan, it was shaped like an arrow pointing south, and the docks lined the entire "arrow tip", which means there was TWO BANKS which ships could tie up and trade their wares. Both the Hudson River and East River could host ships, with the main trading area on the southern tip of Manhattan acting as a massive marketplace. Ideal, so ideal there's never really been much like it in the modern world.
New York harbor is also unique in that a short trip from the docks gets you to open ocean, AND it's a bit closer than Philadelphia to reach England and Europe. Whereas Philadelphia required a long trip south around Cape May, a time waster.

#3 The Erie Canal
After some time, the biggest trade in the American Empire became all the goods (furs, cotton, meat, grains, etc...) coming in from the Western frontier. Mostly this massive amount of tradable goods came down the Mississippi and its tributaries (the Ohio River for example) which spanned almost the entire new West. The exit point was New Orleans, and thus began that city's ascension. But that ascension was cut short by the timely building of the Erie Canal right before the railroads could take over. The Erie Canal provided a highway from the Great Lakes to New York City's harbor, thus New York became not just a middle-man for Western US to European trade, it also became a factory town, THE factory town in the American Empire. This cut off New Orleans, but further destroyed any hope of Philadelphia remaining a relevant shipping city.

#4 Neutrality
You know this story, Philadelphia the Nation's Capital was ensconsed inside of the state of Pennsylvania, one of the 13 original colonies. As the Nation became greater, this wasn't going to work, bc putting the capital inside a state gave that state some extra pull. So the states decided to create a neutral territory: "The District of Columbia" was born.
Heh heh, maybe the citizens of Philly say "good riddance" to those people, so losing the capital maybe wasn't so bad?
But it took away the one unique thing Philly could hold over New York City in the East.

So why has this all made Philadelphia such a loser pro sports city? Money.
Major League Baseball is a system of pure capitalism, the more money a team makes the more it gets to spend on players. This is why the modern Yankees have done so well, regardless of how good an owner or GM they might have. They can simply ALWAYS bid on the top player free agents. Free agency made what might have been a dying old storied franchise, into a new power. All that money inside of New York, helps Yankee stadium sell tickets, and the larger population helps too especially when you consider the massive rise in TV rights. The Yankees are so rich with fan money they even formed their own broadcasting company, the YES Network. While Philly has rabid active fans willing to part with their money, they simply can't compete with larger cities in the East, namely Boston and New York. A lot of this stems from just the economic strangulation the city has had compared to it's rivals to the north. While other sports are more "communistic" shall we say, like the NFL and NBA with salary caps, it doesn't change the fact that the ATHLETES and COACHES and OWNERS can all make more money in New York or other cities with larger economic base (in football see San Francisco, Boston, Dallas). Thus when a big-ticket guy like Parcels or Belichick dreams of making it big with a team, they simply consider Philadelphia AFTER other big eastern sports towns.

But Philly wins sometimes! Doesn't it?
Sure it does, the 1983 Sixers, the 1980 and 2008 Phillies, and the early 70s Flyers all won championships, perhaps to prove our little history (above) wrong-- right? WRONG! Here's where we introduce a concept Philadelphia fans don't consider:
"Sometimes when you win, you really lose"-- Rosie Perez's character, White Men Can't Jump

You see, there's this thing in the world called "Confirmation Bias". What it means is that people are frequently fooled by thinking they made a correct decision simply bc AN outcome went their way. Take the internet bubble for instance, everyone learned during the rapid rise of internet stocks that to make the most money you need to buy the dips! They made this video for this purpose...

If you bought the dips, every subsequent rise of internet stocks means you made even MORE money than those who tried to trade the markets. There was just one little (sarcasm on the "little") exception: late calendar year 2000. You see, in 2000 there was another dip, and everyone in the markets had been trained diligently over the past 2 years to buy the dips; in fact, borrow money to buy the dips bc the more you could buy, the more you made when stocks went to new all-time highs. Sound familiar? It should, this happened again with Real Estate post Summer 2005, with Banking post 2007 bust of Bear Stearns, and is happening now in cryptocurrencies. Buy the Dip bitcoiners! But one day, the smart-as-F markets teach a lesson, and the dip shouldn't be bought. But how can you tell which dip THAT is? You can't! The dip looks the same for all practical purposes. Buy-the-Dippers get their fingers caught in the cookie jar, bc they learned from all previous dips to buy them, such that one comes along you should NOT buy, and they don't know the difference.

So not only do they lose money, they typically lose ALL their money, AND THEN SOME MORE. Over the span of a boom and bust, most people lose more money in the bust than they made during the boom. LET IT RIDE M'F'r!!

Confirmation Bias, means you ONLY see signals that support your theory or your bias. For instance, if you love the Eagles, you don't read articles which are pro-New England, you prefer to read only articles which tell you the Eagles will win the Super Bowl. MAYBE you could have avoided losing money betting on the Eagles, or buying insanely costly tickets to a Super Bowl the Eagles were going to lose to the Patriots, but you didn't read the "other side of the argument". So a fan with plenty of bias can act on incomplete information, thus CONFIRMATION BIAS. It kills, this confirmation bias, and in our case it's going to kill the Eagles organization from dreams of being the next "FOOTBALL DYNASTY"

Definition: Football Dynasty
Winning more Super Bowls than your fair share, preferably inside a decade or short period of time
The Pittsburgh Steelers
The San Francisco 49ers
The Dallas Cowboys
The New England Patriots
... and of COURSE the goddam New York Giants whose Dynasty like the Yankees seemingly spans forever...
(you might even throw in Joe Gibbs' Redskins but we won't, or the Green Bay Packers over long stretch of time)

No fans on earth outside of "football" (Soccer) fans would be happier than Philadelphia fans to have a pro sports Dynasty, this is a city with practically nothing else currently to be proud. San Fran has Silicon Valley, practically the center of the world these days. DC has their gross political thing. New York has it all, the arts, finance, factories. Even Pittsburgh managed to somehow become the Silicon Valley of the East (within the original 13 colonies), based from its Carnegie Mellon power base. So Philly's best industry, are its sports teams, and boy do Philadelphia natives love their sports. Sure, Boston and New York and LA Lakers fans are quite rabid too, but they actually have other distractions besides pro sports. Philly NEEDS THESE RINGS, so why doesn't it get them? IMPATIENCE!

When you have all your eggs in one basket as Philly fans do, it can breed a level of impatience which is unrivalled. Philadelphia has had their share of winners coming to town. Pete Rose, Curt Schilling, Steve Carlton, Mike Schmidt, Bobby Clark, Bernie Parent, Pelle Lindburgh, Mike Keenan, Scott Rolen, Dick Vermiel, Andy Reid, Mike Arbuckle, Pat Gillick, Chase Utley, Cole Hamels, and even Terrell "T.O." Owens. But winners don't stay, and that's bc the fans don't tolerate anything but winning, NO PATIENCE. Philadelphia fans don't allow anything to develop, no learning curve here, it's win or highway. Dick Vermiel is a perfect example, as he took the Eagles to their first Super Bowl (lost to Raiders). But fans grew impatient as he couldn't win the big one, so you know the rest of the story: Dick Vermiel quit coaching for awhile, got his mojo back from impatient Philadelphia fans, and then took the St Louis Rams on to a Super Bowl Victory. Mike Keenan, same story. He lost to perhaps the greatest hockey team of all time, the 1980s Edmonton Oilers featuring Messier and the Great One Wayne Gretsky. Twice! Then his team complained he worked them out too hard (go rewatch the 1980 Olympics American Hockey movies and see if they complained they got worked too hard!) and the city's fans sided with the players, instead of the coach who'd go on to take the Blackhawks to a Stanley Cup victory. It's the same story for a reason folks, there's no curse in Philadelphia pro sports, the curse is the FANS themselves and the lack of economic buffer the city has. The curse is simply IMPATIENCE. Buddy Ryan, maybe he eventually became the next Tom Landry or Bill Walsh? Philly will never know, they fired him for taking the Eagles to too many playoffs in a row (he lost in the first round 3 years in a row-- blasphemy for a Philly fan). Maybe Keenan and Vermiel would have learned from their losses, and became great leaders of Dynasties? We'll never know. Maybe Sam Hinkie knew what he was doing, and was going to win 10 rings in a row Red Auerbach style? Philly will never know.

Philly, you see, is impatient PLUS. They NEED the rings too much, so they lash out when everything doesn't go perfectly the first time around. This results in the FANS wagging the dog. It also results in ownership making moronic decisions based on very little but a near-term lack of success. Take the firing of Sam Hinkie and the hiring of Phillie bat-boy Ruben Amaro who was chosen over the guy who GOT the Phillies to two World Series-- Mr Mike Arbuckle. Go ahead and look up Mike Arbuckle's draft results, we dare you. Who was the guy behind the Atlanta Braves incredible streak of divisional titles, two trips by the hapless Phillies organization to the World Series, and a subsequent two trips by Kansas City Royals to the World Series? Mike Arbuckle. This guy's record is so incredible, he might be the greatest baseball scout to ever live, and the Phillies ownership picked a former bat-boy suck-up to be their General Manager instead of Arbuckle who rightly and immediately left to greener pastures (in this case, two-time World Series team KC Royals who are to this day a much stronger organization now than the rudderless Phillies). This is classic Philly. Same goes for the Eagles and Sixers. We already talked about Dick Vermiel, but eventually we will talk of Sam Hinkie and what he did for the current Sixers organization who now routinely plays all the hot national TV games like Christmas Day thanks to their incredibly interesting and improving lineup of young stars-- Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, Robert Covington, Dario Saric, and TJ McConnell. While Hinkie had his supporters, even most of those supporters confirmation-biased themselves into thinking the team needed a "basketball guy" to take over and turn their raw talent into a championship team. We guess the 76ers will one day find themselves in the NBA Finals, and might even win one. ONE. By the time the young Sixers are gelling and winning, the new executive politician/GM Bry-Bry Colangelo will have made enough loser trades in a row (like trading not one but TWO top-3-potential draft picks to acquire a rookie who not only isn't the best player in his draft class, but mysteriously can no longer SHOOT anymore after just 2 months with the Sixers organization)
to sap the team of all it's assets which will prevent the team from being the next dynasty-- like the Spurs or the Warriors.

The Sixers won't be any dynasty, even if they pull a 1970s-era Flyers and win two in a row. It's not possible, the guy that made the current team good is LOOOOOONG gone. Given Philly's history of Vermiel and Keenan and possibly Ried too if he wins his Super Bowl in KC, Sam Hinkie if he ever gets a job in NBA again will likely win more titles for cities not named Philadelphia than the Sixers ever win using his the complement of players he hand picked with the far-future in his sights.

Do Philly fans hate losing? They sure do, but their hatred of losing plus impatience to win has them lash out at PLAYERS who hate losing. Mike Schmidt is a perfect example, as he's probably the greatest third basemen to ever play the game. In any other city, "Schmidty" would have been a treasure, revered for ages to come. In Philly, while playing his whole career there, he was routinely BOOED when he went too long without a homerun, or if he struck out during a key situation in a game. We've seen Jeter go 0-for-30 and not get booed when stepping into the batter's box, and this is bc New York has grown accustomed to believing positively their team will win in the end-- almost unnaturally so. Check out Jeter's expression when the Yankees lose the World Series to the Arizona Diamondbacks (Curt Schilling's Diamondbacks btw), the New York sports culture is written all over his face. No graceful exit or retirement for Steve Carlton either. Dirk Nowitzki continues to start in Dallas, even tho every man woman and child including owner Mark Cuban knows he can't win anymore. This is respect.

They can't wait to get away from Philly fans:
What did Manager Dallas Green do after he guided the Phillies to a 1980 World Series win? He left, no tears.

What did GM Pat Gillick do after he guided the Phillies to a 2008 World Series win? He left, no tears.

What did Curt Schilling do after he led the Phillies to the World Series in 1993? He left, no tears, in fact he won a few more World Series for OTHER teams-- in fact we don't remember Curt Schilling LOSING any World Series.

The list of players who leave Philly and win, is almost embarrasing, it's almost a story that writes itself into the vernacular. Was Evan Mathis scared he'd leave a playoff contending Eagles team? Nope, he went to Denver and in his first season had a Super Bowl win. Was Pat Burrell worried he'd leave an awesome team? Nope, he ended up winning more World Series rings than Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley, Cole Hamels, Ryan Howard, Doc Halladay, and Cliff Lee COMBINED-- all by just exitting Philadelphia; heck, same goes for Shane Victorino. You leave Philly, it's practically a sign of success!

But wait, we thought this article was about the Philadelphia Eagles beating the favorite storied New England Patriot DYNASTY in the 2018 Super Bowl? After reading all this, we'd suspect the Eagles will easily lose this game. WRONG!

"Sometimes when you win, you really lose"-- White Men Can't Jump

CONFIRMATION BIAS is the theme of Philly pro sports.

The 2017-2018 Philadelphia Eagles will upset the 5-time Super Bowl champion Bill Belichick (greatest football coach of all time-- yeah yeah, he cheats, we get it, but we speak purely of his record) Tom Frickin Brady-quarterbacked New England Patriots, and these are the reasons why:

#1 Nick Foles
Some athletes are positively reinforced, and some are negatively reinforced. This is a confidence thing, and a desire to overcome adversity thing. You keep a guy like Shabazz Napier a backup too long, and he'll eat the turnbuckle-- to borrow a George the Animal Steel reference. What does that mean? It means he responds to negative reinforcement, he responds to a challenge, he thinks in his head he's the greatest poing gaurd who ever lived and if you challenge him on that he'll go to prison and eat nails before he lets you beat him. This is why when Portland's excellent PG Damian Lillard doesn't start a game, you don't bet against Portland. Nick Foles isn't this guy, he's a positive-reinforcement guy. Nick Foles wants you to believe in him. Wanna know one of the best QB performance stats in the NFL in the past few years? It was Nick Foles' 2013 Eagles season under Chip Kelly. Foles won the starting job from Michael Vick that year, and brought the team to withing 2 points of winning their first playoff game. His QB stats that year were excellent. One injury later, and some trying times, and he was promptly fired from his job, by fans, by Chip Kelly, by everyone. How could a guy who wasn't drafted #1 or #2 be a winner? We see this all the time, TJ McConnell still isn't even considered for the starting PG role in Philly even tho he MORE than earned it. He wasn't drafted, how could he possibly be good enough to start? Other teams don't seem so biased (altho draft # in the NBA has unnatural forces attached in most organizations). Nick Foles is a winner, but when Philly cast him off, there went the confidence and he didn't do much of anything after that for other organizations. But under the right leadership Foles has more than proved he's a winner.
Foles not only played great in 2013, but he just won two games no one but Doug Pederson thought he could win. See, we don't pretend to know how good a coach Pederson is, we only know he's a postive-reinforcement guy. "Winning breeds more winning" is something we heard him say after the Eagles 2nd win of the season. Is Pederson a great dysnastic coach? We don't say, maybe he is, maybe he just got lucky and was at the right place in the right time. But he's the perfect coach for Mr Nick Foles confidence, and he believe Foles will win this Super Bowl, and he's right.

Winning is a culture, winners win, and talent + bad nature loses to less talent + good nature. At the end of Andy Ried's tenure, something bad happened. When Andy was fired, his culture went with it. Suddenly some of the most talented players in football in names like McCoy and DeSean Jackson became unhinged under new coach Chip Kelly. It's tough for an incoming reign of ANY type to establish a new culture with players used to an older system. Kelly worked for 3 years to change that culture, even so far as getting rid of recognized great talent like LeSean McCoy, DeSean, Evan Mathis, and Jeremy Maclin on unfavorable terms. You see, Kelly wanted winning spirit more than talent. He was right, but unfortunately in the impatient eyes of Philly fans he was wrong. Ownership and the fans gave him one year ultimatum-- which EVERYONE understood. Remember Mike Keenan? The coach players didn't like bc he worked them too hard? Now imagine poor Keenan trying to get players to do tough tasks they don't want to do, like wide recievers BLOCKING (eh hem, DeSean Jackson). Blocking WRs is what championship teams do, it's something you should be searching to see in every game you watch to see if your team is going to win close games. A WR blocking downfield when he's pissed-off he's not getting enough touches, is how 7 yard runs become 97 yard runs for touchdowns and wins from losses by margins of 4 points. DeSean didn't block, but TE Brent Celek blocks. Let's take a deeper look at current senior Tight-End Brent Celek, a culture-guy left-over from a previous era....

"There's some times when I'm pass-blocking, and there's no possibility I'm making a catch," Celek said. "If you sit there and you're going to complain about it or think I'm not helping the team, well, you're wrong. If you make a good block on the defensive end to allow Nick [Foles] to throw the ball to a wide receiver, then you're doing your job to help the team. So you just have to be selfless. Say, 'This is what's best for the team, this is my job, and I'm going to do it well.'

There is no player Kelly speaks about with more reverence than Celek.
Eagles tight end Brent Celek.
"When you talk about what a Philadelphia Eagle looks like," Kelly said, "Brent Celek is what a Philadelphia Eagle looks like."

Source: http://www.philly.com/philly/sports/eagles/20141017_Why_Chip_Kelly_loves_Brent_Celek.html

Here's something interesting about the 2018 Philadelphia Eagles culture:
From a search for 2017 Eagles captains: "...the Eagles chose quarterback Carson Wentz and left tackle Jason Peters as offensive captains. Safety Malcolm Jenkins and defensive end Brandon Graham as defensive captains, and special teams Chris Maragos as the special team's captain. There will also be a sixth captain, and that one will rotate every game." Sep 9, 2017
What's interesting about those players? All but one were hand-selected by Chip Kelly. The one who wasn't, cost the Eagles 5 draft picks and is the quarterback of the team; well, not the CURRENT 2-0 playoff quarterback, but the "QB-1".
We'll get to him later, but the important thing is Jenkins, Graham, Peters and especially Maragos were all guys who were either sought heavily by Chip Kelly, the "culture guy", or in Peters case the one surviving guy from the Fandy-era who passed Kelly's winning-culture sniff-test wringer. This should tell you a lot about culture. We give Pederson full credit for seemingly letting the players pick their captains, and letting the culture captivate his team. We're not taking away from the fun play-calling and confidence Pederson exudes, as we said, maybe he's a dynasty coach trying to do the impossible in an impossible pro sports town? For the purposes of this article, we don't care, we only care that Pederson + Nick Foles is going to win the Super Bowl away from the most-feared team in pro sports history since Babe Ruth ate his last Yankee Stadium dirty-water hot dog.

Culture was established, here's who remains:
WR Nelson Agholor, WR1
Beau Allen, NT
Bryan Braman, LB
Trey Burton, TE
Brent Celek, TE
Fletcher Cox, DT
Vinny Curry, DE
Zach Ertz, TE1
Nick Foles, QB2
Najee Goode OLB
Brandon Graham, LB
Jordan Hicks, LB
Malcolm Jenkins, SS
Lane Johnson, OL
Donnie Jones, P
Jason Kelce, OL
Mychal Kendricks, OLB
Chris Long, DE
Chris Maragos, ST, FS
Jason Peters, OL
Darren Sproles, RB
Caleb Sturgis, K
Jaylen Watkins, CB

That's a LOOOOONG list of returning players, most of whom factor big into the current Eagles winning culture and 15-3 record this year.

Wanna know how to define greatness? Overcoming the impossible. This is Bill Belichick in a nutshell. Sure, he's a cheater, we know this bc we already have the evidence. Ol' Bill took the teachings of Bobby Knight which were bestowed upon Bill Parcells and bestowed again on Belichick a bit too seriously. When Parcells told Knight about a tough loss where the Giants were underdogs, Knight responded without a hitch "you've just gotta find another way to win". We don't think Knight meant cheating, but in today's sports, you ain't tryin if you ain't cheating. Just ask Louisville and MLB Commissioner Bud Selig's pre-meditated ignorance of steroids (which ruined the careers of scapegoats like Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds who didn't cheat until they turned green with envy). Back to our #3 reason Eagles will win--> Belichick is trying to prove the old maxim wrong, that OFFENSE wins championships. Belichick had an awful defense going into the Super Bowl against Patriots-killers Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning and he ALMOST pulled it off with his unreal offense. This year, Belichick AGAIN tries to prove the old maxim is false, by attempting to win a Super Bowl with either the worst or second worst defense in the NFL this year. He even arguably beat the #1 defense in his last game against the much-better-talent but scared-of-Patriots-shadow Jacksonville Jags. But can he beat two great defenses in a row? Belichick's offense is indeed AWESOME. But while we think the old maxim is overrated, and therefore agree with Belichick's attempted feat and greatness, we still think Defense edges out offense, particularly if the Eagles offense under Foles hasn't taken even a single step down from when Carson Wentz took the snaps. The Eagles offense under Foles has been just fine thank you, but the Eagles defense makes the Pats defense seems like Patsies, and this SHOULD be the difference maker. Defense still wins (most) championships.
We'll save the fact that defense = not as many championships as they used to win, for a later article about spread offenses changing the game.


A lot of Philly fans operate under the "Little Bill" Principle....

"I don't deserve this... to die like this"-- Little Bill in Unforgiven (Gene Hackman)
"Deservin's got nuthin to do with it"-- Clint Eastwood's William Munny

We like Clint don't believe in "deservin" anything; rings are mostly earned (by "mostly" we mean except in certain New England cases of high cheating). The Eagles aren't going to upset the greatest franchise in sports history bc Philadelphia has waited long enough for a Super Bowl ring, God just doesn't care about sports no matter how many over-egoed players pray in the end zone. There's innocent people dying, sports is a dalliance. (stop reading this and go give your best pair of socks to some homeless dammit!)

But good stories DO matter, and Nick Foles vs Tom Brady is too perfect of a David vs Goliath story for anyone to miss, even those fans outside of Philly who matter much more than Philly fans themselves. See, last time Eagles made it to the Super Bowl, most fans were looking for a new dynasty, and NE fit the bill perfectly. The Eagles were just another team at the feet of greatness, and they played to this theme too. While T.O. had a great game, the Eagles QB played like he was worried he was playing the greatest football dynasty ever assembled, and almost single-handedly lost that game for poor Andy Ried (who then was given quite a short leash and eventually fired on the basis of timeouts or clock-management or some other silly thing Fandy got wrong once or twice and never lived down). But the football world, perhaps due to all the cheating centered in Foxborough's Gillette Stadium, is tired of the Patriots already. They won 5 and seem to be in every other Super Bowl. It's too much for anyone but Patriots fans to take anymore. Or maybe it's just the 10 minute long (same time as a full NBA half time!) TV breaks during NFL games, about 2 per quarter, which is driving the overall impatience of NFL fans to see something new and exciting. Know how much NFL fans are going to be intrigued by another Patriots ring? BOOOOOOOO-RING! So to all those who rightly believe in referee bias (which exists of course) and the NFL fixing games to increase ratings (notice how little flags there were in the two championship games after that leak of NFL-office marketing materials showing Keenum vs Brady pictures on their yet-to-be-printed-because-the-qualifier-games-hadn't-been-played-yet brochures-- wonder why those games seeminly set low flag records??) might rightly believe that the Eagles might be an under-the-table favorite in this game.

We wouldn't put it past the NFL, but more broadly we can say that sometimes what Caesar's minions want, Caesar's minions get-- in traditional "thumbs up" "thumbs down" spirituality.
But with all this, we still haven't gotten to the REAL storybook ending we're referring in the #4 reason title....

Nick Foles is the new young Tom Brady.

Can you remember when (...we used to sing PHA--LA-LA LA-LA DEL---PHI- YA YA YA De dah de YAH !) the Patriots pulled off their first Super Bowl win? An untested Bill Belichick had to bring up a reserve quarterback with zero college snaps into the starting role to replace a NUMBER ONE DRAFT PICK big-name QB named Drew Bledsoe. Now, there was nothing wrong with Bledsoe, he was a great QB. But do you know what great coaches need more than #1 draft pick talent? CULTURE and OBEDIENCE. Bledsoe played for other coaches, he wasn't going to believe anything this no-rings Belichick guy had to say, so he didn't fit into the scheme bc he was an "old dog learnin new tricks". Psssst, Like Michael Vick! Know who woulda bitten off his own kneecap to start a single NFL game? Tom Frigging Brady, that's who. Here's a guy who probably never should have seen a starting snap of a football game. But Brady was malleable like a wet piece of dough in the mind of Belichick, and Bill could get Brady to operate like a well trained robot. If you see this, pass, if not, move to next option after checking your line. Or whatever magic Belichick teaches his QBs. Is Brady great? maybe. 

This is the greatest game won by Mr. Brady-- led to his first championship

But most dynasties are functions of their COACHES, not their QBs. How else did Joe Gibbs win 3 with 3 different QBs? Parcells himself won with 2 QBs. This is why Foles is now often compared to Hofsteader and Doug Williams. but Nick Foles isn't those guys, but he IS much like a young Tom Brady, doing whatever his coach asks bc he knows he's only got ONE SHOT at staying QB1 after this. If Tom Brady hadn't won the Super Bowl, do you think the Pats owner would've let Belichick dump the #1 draft pick Bledsoe for some unknown who won a few playoff games?

That, my readers, is a sports DYNASTY decision. And THAT, my readers, especially those from Philly, is why Nick Foles will be promptly fired after winning Philadelphia their long lost much anticipated first Super Bowl victory. Much like Brady, was it really Brady that won that first Super Bowl? Nah, it was probably the kicker, the defense, the special teams, the offensive front line, the wide recievers, and the waterboy contributions to deflated footballs and clean binoculars for stealing plays. Is Tom Brady great? We don't know, what we CAN tell you is that ALL back-up QBs under Bill Belichick's NE system have widly succeeded. We present the record of Mr Cassel under Belichick, vs his record without Belichick. Matt Cassel, for example, was 10-5 under Belichick, that's a .666 win record. Without Belichick Cassel was 26-40. That tell you anything? TRAINED ROBOTS = Quarterbacks. The job isn't as hard as you think, once well trained. If any QB in history made the job look hard, it was Peyton Manning, but that was all BEFORE the snap.

Terry Bradshaw has his Chuck Knoll. Joe Montana had his Bill Walsh. Troy Aikman had his Jimmy. Tom Brady is Bill Belichick personified, and if he isn't they probably lose (to Eli Manning).

The feel-good story we refer, is Nick Foles winning a Super Bowl. but the better story is Philadelphia doing to winners what they always do, ship them out of town. Dallas Green, Dick Vermiel, Pat Gillick, Mike Keenan, Curt Schilling, Sam Hinkie-- some are fired tarred and feathered, some can't deal with the stress and are broken men, but most succeed elsewhere for another more patient city.

The Eagles will win the Super Bowl, and by winning they will lose. They will face a tougher decision next Fall, than whether to go for it on 4th and 5 inside the 50 with the Super Bowl on the line, or whether Pederson has the BALLS to run a Statue of Liberty or Flea-Flicker trick play on Bill Belichick, or whether Pederson will again press his luck with a minute on the clock at halftime and a 14 point lead which could be a 7 point lead with a Pick-6 on Foles going into the locker room bc he greedily wanted another 3 points of cushion (Fandy wouldn't do that!); Eagles ownership will have to figure out what to do with the kid who just broke a losing tradition and won the goddam Super Bowl!

It's only too fitting, and too storybookish, that the Philadelphia franchise will follow in the footsteps of Philly history, and ship Foles out, only to have their #2 drafted 5-pick QB-1 fail to ever get back and win the big game.

THAT would be the storybook ending, and it will take another decade to play out.

CONFIRMATION BIAS rules Philly pro sports:
We fired Sam Hinkie, see how the 76ers are winning again?
We fired Chip Kelly, see how we went to the Super Bowl and won 2 years later?
See, we made the right decision.

This is Confirmation Bias, random events reassuring people they made the right long term decision, when in fact they may have just denied themselves the dynasty in exchange for short term gain. When Chip Kelly left, the GM Rosen-whatever did exactly what Chip had been asking since the day he was hired-- get me a franchise QB. Eagles wouldn't throw it all down for Marcus Mariota, who was a consensus #1 or #2 pick in his draft class. Yet the very next year, for a guy not typically ranked in even top two ROUNDS much less picks, they traded the future for Carson Wentz. Now Wentz worked out fine, and this can almost be expected in Philly-- rewards for bad behavior. Look at the Browns who got all of Philly's picks, they STILL SUCK. See, Eagles GM and ownership were right. But what if they kept their picks and kept adding to the culture? We won't ever know, we can only mark the next 10 years and find out if the Eagles can win more than one Super Bowl appearance. We predict the Eagles win, and win once, then fire the guy who overcame tremendous pressure and adversity (no fans we saw thought Foles could win the FIRST playoff game against a vastly inferior Falcons, but we believed and we have the 16-1 odds at a sportsbook on the Eagles to win the Super Bowl right after Wentz went down, and we'll have our sportsbook prove it if massively requested) to do the impossible for the "find a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory" Eagles franchise and then never get to the big game for rest of all our lifetimes.

And that's the story of how Nick Foles + Pederson + Eagles Captains + Eagles Defense + Maragos-is-a-rabid-dog-on-SpecialTeams will win Philly a rare and not-repeated Super Bowl.

We wish for Nick Foles his career is long and filled with more rings than Brady, stay positive young man, no matter who takes the first snap from center of the 2019 season for the Philadelphia pro sports team.

And for god sakes, we hope the human history of greatness always moving west (Persia to Greece to Rome to London to New York to San Francisco and eventually to the Archipelagic Pacific Islands like Hawaii) is stalled just long enough to give Philadelphia pro sports fans a DYNASTY-- bc maybe "Deservin's got nuthin' to do with it" is just a tired wrong maxim like "Defense Wins Championships"!!!


Why do we keep putting the word "pro" in front of every statement about Philly's losing pro sports fanbase?
This is a great question, and brings us to the inevitable....
Villanova isn't really an exception, Villanova is a Lion in the tall grass, blending in perfectly with its surroundings.
Villanova Basketball is an entity which matches the city of Philadelphia's David vs Goliath nature, and falls so far under the expectations radar, they are actually allowed to succeed. Villanova is too small to be a powerhouse, it's a small Catholic University outside the city in the storied and rich Main Line. There are no expectations with Villanova, in fact until last year they've never been ranked #1 in the history of the team, yet have TWO titles under their belt under different coaches. NOW Villanova might begin having troubles, as for two years running they've achieved #1 ranking, and if Philly's pro sports fanbase gets too excited about Villanova basketball, they just might kill the winner out of them by staring too much impatiently awaiting the next title. But let's let Villanova alone, and let their fantastic coach navigate the increasing pressure cooker which is Philly sports, maybe he can break the mold or maybe players who aren't DIRECTLY paid money are immune from the hex which fans put on their own pro sports teams?t 


This story was copied word for word from Steemit, and since I think Steemit will die a horrible death and it's new owner will likely sit in prison somewhere someday if there's any justice to the world, I've posted this on powping so it has a better chance at surival.  But as long as cryptocrap exists and JSun pays his server/cloud bills, you can find the original here on Steemit: https://steemit.com/sportsteem/@tenhanger/sometimes-when-you-win-you-lose-the-philadelphia-eagles-will-win-the-super-bowl 

Where's the timestamp you ask, "3 years ago" is vague.  Hell if I know, I think it's one of those new trends Twitter and other shit-ass pre-BitCoin-era sites have espoused.  Something wrong with actual dates?  Maybe the lack of interest in dates should tell us someting?  hmmmm

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