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Mark's Carnivore Experiment

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Mark's Carnivore Experiment

19th day of September, 2019

I'm going to document my two month experiment as a carnivore. No veg, no salad, just meat and animal products, but no dairy.

I've been thinking about dieting for a while now as I've noticed I'm getting a bit podgy. Fitness could be better but I always get a one hour brisk walk every day, probably more. No weight training, no cardio, although I have a strenuous hobby where I have to load 30kg onto my back and run down a field with it maybe 4-8 times a month.

I have noticed a little stiffness in finger joints and knees lately, I also have a slight asthmatic cough which has only presented itself in the last couple of years. This has not been resolved by the doctor as yet. Apart from that I'm in good health.

The reason I'm attracted to the carnivore diet is that it could help me lose my little belly, feel healthier and possibly help with the achy joints and slight asthma.

Meat source

I decided to try and find the best meat possible in the UK regardless of price. I am trying farmison.com but the steaks are expensive at around £35/kg. The meat is exceptional here though, you can choose which breed of cow you want, and it's all organic, grass-fed.

I'm also buying oily fish such as smoked salmon and mackeral with some shell fish to add some variety from the local supermarket. I might see if I can get wild fish online somewhere later.

I've got some health measuring equipment in the mail, so will add that in when it arrives.

Day 1

  • Weight: 86.3 kg (190 pounds)
  • Body fat %: Not measured
  • Blood sugar level: Not measured
  • Ketones: Not measured
  • Feeling: Slightly tired, but in good mood


  • 5 rashers of streaky bacon
  • 4 large free range eggs (scrambled with butter)

Lunch / dinner

To be honest I wasn't that hungry but I ate at 15:30 because I was heading out flying at 16:00. The steak came out a bit rare because it was chilled, I will get it to room temperature tomorrow so it's exactly how I like it.

  • 420g of Skirt steak (0.92 pounds) pan fried in butter
  • Cooked rare
Skirt Steak Heritage Breed 14 DDA
Rare skirt steak


I was a little peckish by 20:00 so I had a snack.

  • 1 soft boiled egg. Boiled for 7 mins and then cooled under cold running water for 3 mins.

Check back tomorrow if you're interested in my progress.

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Good luck on your diet! I'll check it out every time you post.
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Thanks Emily
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I love bacon. Take my tip pls.
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