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✪ This is the official launch of a new project. We are now selling apparel with your designs on them! Make some money with us - FOR SALE: Custom T-Shirts with design provided by@B✪$$ and printed by@price is wrong $25ea includes shipping in the US! 🍉🐙🍄 ✪ This is our first go at this so we are kind of just testing the waters right now. We have gotten a few orders through Twetch for this design. We are looking to work with artists/businesses who want their graphics on a shirt/hoodie. I am working with one other person who handles the printing/shipping and handling. I am handling the sales/promoting. Artists with designs that can be put on shirts and sold get a portion of the profit from every sale we make. I decided on this business structure to encourage other people to participate, contribute their work and make some coin by selling some custom apparel. Feel free to contact me for more info. Thanks!