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Great and to the point article on tokens.
how to burn alice token who want to redeem and enter the concert ?
It was a good article. Not a s/w person, but it left the impression anyone can go and do "it" today. I'm still not sure where that lands in terms of all those tangential discussions on Twitter re: bounty for token issuer platforms... Was the "issue" that there wasn't a platform that was readily open to the public in an easy to use tool (like the Roger Ver video) / notwithstanding the criticism from Elas and Connor and Shadders and others that it doesn't really matter unless there's underlying business case to exploit it?
unwriter replied:
benjamin replied:
The one guy's comment about play leading to discovery may have some merit though - as did the Tokenized gentleman about not wasting resources for fun tokens... I see the disconnect. I have a hard time on the Twittersphere keeping-up w/ what is sarcasm, what is legit criticism, etc. But I recognize the frustration from@jackcliu and@joshua re: the "coming soon" or "18 months" challenges. BSV anchors, like Calvin, do this a lot. For instance, outside of the business aspects -- many on the Twittersphere may be left with the impression from some of the dialogues there that real proof of CSW as Satoshi is going to be shipped off to the Queen's Bench Division court by 4 Sep (to facilitate validation in a 'court of law) and that CoinGeek will push out something inasmuch. If that doesn't happen (as I imagine it won't if historical trends re: innuendo use i the BSV community) - it will be more unmet expectations causing more frustration... even if they were ridiculous and tangential to BSV's core use/future. A big fan of transparent, plain, useful, speech. Appreciate your work here@unwriter.
connor replied:
What is a token useful for? I posited one such case in the article - a concert ticket. But in order for a concert ecosystem (venue, artist, consumer) to use a concert ticket platform built on BSV, you need an issuer (think TicketMaster competitor). You need a PoS system at the venue that can recognize the tokens. You need a wallet for the consumer to send the tokens and allow the consumer to see their ticket. There's so much more to tokens that just minting them. What we've seen in cryptocurrency up to this point is issuing tokens as an ICO and people hold them. This requires two things: Wallets and exchanges to recognize them. I have no doubt that a team could pump out a wallet that integrates with Run, Scrpyt, Tokenized, etc in a short amount of time that has one purpose: hold coins and send them to exchanges. The harder part is building an ecosystem out of useful tokens, and I think the majority in BSV are focused on the latter. Hope this helps a little bit.
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benjamin replied:
It does - concur. The ref re: PoS for token redemption is an interesting turn of phrase (not sure I've ever heard PoS in a positive tone on a BSV forum)!
connor replied:
PoS for "Point of Sale" system, not Proof of Stake :)
benjamin replied:
That makes more sense. Thank you!
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elas_digital replied:
Minting a token is around 0.1% of the effort needed. We have already minted around 50k tokens, and have useful stuff in the pipeline but it's not yet ready for primetime. As@connor said, you need to have the infrastructure around your tokens to actually make them worth anything.