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Call for Humans

Looking for like-minded people

CommanderOzEvolved / CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)

Time is precious, so I am going to focus on finding and collaborating with like-minded people.

To achieve this, I'm going to broadcast my intent clearly so people can find me as well as others out there who share these values.

If the following ideas resonate with you and you are willing to actually practice these values, that's great, speak up. Let's see how we can find ways to collaborate and move forward more effectively.

1. Play a win-win game

Zero sum thinking perceives situations as zero-sum games, where one person’s loss is another person’s win. This mindset leads to a tiny and destructive ecosystem with no growth, where every participant suffers from the prisoner's dilemma. A winner among losers is just a proud loser. There are better games we can play. We can play a win-win game.

2. Make a pie worth competing for

When you have a tiny pie, you can either choose to focus on growing the pie or focus on taking as much as you want of it even if it's not worth fighting for. Competition is great only when the pie is worth competing for. Also, you can compete AND grow the pie simultaneously, these are not mutually exclusive concepts.

3. Show by doing, not by telling

If you think you know a secret others don’t, then go do it instead of telling people what they should be doing or should not be doing. If it works, people will naturally follow. If it fails, you've learned a great unique lesson which no one else can have. You can then knowledge share with the rest of the ecosystem if it make sense, or move forward with your newly acquired unique competitive advantage.

4. Be encouraging

No one knows the future. And there is no right or wrong answer. There is nothing to gain by discouraging other people for doing something "wrong" other than stroking your own ego. While Silicon Valley is criticized for many aspects of what it has become, there is still one core quality that made it great: It created a culture of encouragement. No matter how "stupid" an idea sounded like, people would encourage them to do it, because guess what, a lot of these "stupid" ideas went on to change the world. Even if someone fails, people would congratulate them on the failure. This is the type of environment from which creative innovation can arise.

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Win win everytime! In love, work, friendships, negotiations, life. It eases the path to happiness, honor, self respect and an honest relationship, an honest laugh and don't forget an honest night's sleep.
Agree wholeheartedly. My only question ;-) is there only one _unwriter? Does it matter?
Awesome. I share those values. Happy to meet fellow humans, whether we collaborate directly or not. Thanks for being a pioneer.
Engage pie growing mode
benjamin tipped:
I understand network effect is considered re-imagined in the BSV nirvana end-state... but some fundamentals remain. Good word!
john tipped:
Present, willing and more than able to work, learn and earn.
Call for humans... I love that, very very much, love all you said and how you said it. Thank you@unwriter
Agreed and well stated. Put down those pitchforks.
Appreciate these thoughts. This seems very consistent with the presentation presented in London as well.
very nice
Love it.
Couldn't agree more. Thanks for putting this into words
I will heed this call!
"3. Show by doing & 4. Be encouraging" The first 2 points I see a lot already in the BSV society, but these last 2, those are really needed. Too much engagaging in criticism, myself included, which even if constructive isn't as constructive as showing by doing while encouraging others to follow their path. Am committed to focus on that mindset. Thanks
100%. Spot on ... BSV is the beginning of a great construction, but, only by working together can we build it into the next great system of the world. I'd like to thank you@unwriter for all you do for all your output, if it weren't for your writing I'd still be deluded and in shitcoin land .. TY <3
Beautiful words!
Thanks for articulating this@unwriter These are good principles for a friendly and productive innovation environment. Echoes many of my own thoughts.
Sign me up! All great values. Agree 100%.
Couldn't agree more.