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Hi everyone, i'm starting here but with a Haiku in pangram* variant perspective (in French language): «Voix ambiguë d'un cœur qui, au zéphyr, préfère les jattes de kiwis». English translate is: «Ambiguous voice of a heart that, in the zephyr, prefers kiwi bowls». This text is a complex but simple metaphorical parable used here to incite people to say "to give up alcohol, it is possible at any time". The poetry sounds both grammatically, visually, in the pronounced utterance (in French) and sometimes evokes a particularly deep emotion. *A pangram is a line with all the letters of the alphabet.
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Wow I didn't expect to see a pangram haiku in here, genuinely brilliant, I don't know French well enough to judge the structure of the haiku, so I will just appreciate the art shown here!
Very interesting indeed... shame I can't appreciate the original (my French sucks), what you said about the deep emotional content made me curious