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Number of blocks of BCH and BSV is higher than BTC. Anybody can comment? Based on Nakamoto Consensus, the longest chain of POW should rule the chain right? Is it a justification that Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin?
the longest chain of POW != the number of blocks mined. POW required to mine one BTC block is >>> POW required to mine one BCH/BSV block.
None of these three are a functioning Bitcoin. "BTC" is a worthless bubble game, where they have no intention at all of making the Bitcoin system happen (where transactions ramp up to support mining), they're just paying miners with the bootstrap block reward to have a pretend chain for a while because they're selling it to people who have no idea what they're buying while they try to spin up some alternate system to try to sell them. Nothing at all to do with Bitcoin. BCH is a toy project where they're fucking around adding things to see what happens. It's kinda interesting as a science experiment!? Like they're all freaking out and ragequitting meetings and stuff about how they're going to put in a new DAA that some of them like maybe, is the latest drama. They're just throwing random ideas into the chain and seeing what happens. They're rebels who are committed to not scaling up the software to an industrial scale and not integrating it with any existing legacy financial or governance systems, so they have absolutely no chance of success other than to completely overthrow the existing order in one fell swoop, a project which they aren't of course remotely capable of and which they're not even approaching seriously. Again this is just play and has little to do with the Bitcoin plan. BSV is also currently failing at being a functioning successful Bitcoin. It's got good intentions and it's supported by people who are following the plan, but in all this confusion it's been delayed for years, and since there's a roll-out schedule already committed to and programmed in since the beginning of the project, that means it's seriously late and in serious trouble. Transaction volume is the important metric. Hash is something you buy, and ultimately it has to be bought by a very large group of people each paying small amounts, that's why there must ultimately be just one shared system. BSV is ahead, sure, since the opponents are intentionally stalled. Also BSV's transaction volume isn't anywhere near where it needs to be, and it's not currently gaining enough popularity such that it's likely to succeed soon, which is the only time it could possibly succeed. The current winner is the totalitarian centralized system of control Alipay, which easily beat us to a billion users.
mamatrohimat replied:
Haha. Alright.
Because bch doesn't use the original btc difficulty adjustment algo the hash power was easily gamed. After the btc/bch split in 2017, it became commonplace to mine turboblocks for a few hours, followed by no blocks at all for a few hrs. Miners were able to line their pockets with BCH by mining empty blocks using minimal hash. Because this protocol change was baked into the bch protocol, bsv also has the same daa. I believe the plan in bsv is to revert to the original daa
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Nice explanation
How can they be BitCoin when you don't follow the white paper?
mamatrohimat replied:
The whitepaper said that, the longest chain is valid by miners consensus.
thacypha replied:
was that all is said?
mamatrohimat replied:
Yes. So, just follow the whitepaper, we Will not so much war. BTC is Bitcoin as it is the consensus of miners BSV is Bitcoin SV, is the fork of bitcoin cash due to some difference in block size, ideology, etc. It is designed to return to original design of Satoshi Nakamoto in whitepaper. It is Bitcoin SV. While I believe BSV is more powerful than BTC in the long run, BTC is Bitcoin as it wins miners consensus at the time of hardfork
mamatrohimat replied:
If we have this principles, BSV will not so much haters. It may be easily grow over time. No need to war on the name. Just focus on building, and prove that our strategy is better
thacypha replied:
What about all the people who are being conned at the moment for believing core coin is BitCoin? con = to swindle; trick: That crook conned me out of all my savings.
The longest chain should be seen as the valid chain. It is in Satoshi consensus. Maybe, it should be seen in the time of fork or in the time of hash war. The majority of hash must follow the longest chain, otherwise will be orphaned. But, as there is an upgraded software which is not compatible, making permanent split on the chain
thacypha replied:
Let me make it simple for you core coin and bch are not BitCoin