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Commissioned work for@mikey Glad to make art for the great outdoor adventures of friends. Hope you all have a good one, Mikey! If you want this token, plz support my work by buying a booster pack: https://www.ashcancomicspub.com/acp-store.html Want a t-shirt? I think Mikey can arrange that:) Give him a follow and ask him.
thoth tipped:
0.04 USD
1 year ago
Big Beaver is a Great model for our $Tees.This new $TEE print will be Not what you expect. It'll be $BIG
nate replied:
Way Cool:)
tee tipped:
0.02 USD
1 year ago
Follow@mikey and follow@tee for Tee shirts and other swag that we $PEG to digital assets! I love the Big Beaver@nate
Very cool.
nate replied:
Thank you
Love it 👌🏻
nate replied:
Thank you😀