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Social networks are nothing if not extensions of other, external cultural mores. I’m fascinated by the cultures that have sprouted out of “free” social networks in the past, and some of the paid social networks. I was Facebook the first day I could join, and on Steemit during the first week. Been on twitter for a decade. I hated Steemit and Gab. Parler is just a meme... Twetch culture is why it’s the first network I’ve advocated for. Let’s see what powping culture looks like over time. At least it’s not Uptrennd, right?
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3 weeks ago
Kurt, I think you misspelled smores.
Networks vs communities. It's a bit of a misnomer to have a completely open and inclusive community. The best communities have rules and boundaries.
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3 weeks ago
kurt replied:
I agree! And some cost/benefit around the relationship. Monetary and otherwise.