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Financial Markets Analysis by Vedic Astrology

In this article, I will try to predict the market with the aspect of Rahu and Moon.

Rahu represents "worldly desires" in Vedic Astrology. It is a planet that can easily lead to selfish greed. In Western astrology it is called Dragonhead.

Around September 27, when the transit Rahu and Moon were conjunct, stock prices and currencies were high (although the timing varied from market to market), and Bitcoin was around October 5. At this time, Moon was forming a square with Rahu.

From my observation, if Moon forms a conjunction or square with Sun or Rahu, the price tends to go up, and if it forms an opposition, it tends to go down.

Today is the new moon, so the price may go up further, but I predict that it will start to fall around October 10 when it is in opposition.

It is not 100% accurate because of the influence of other planets, but because Jupiter and Saturn are conjunct and Jupiter is about to leave Capricorn, we can analyze the overall trend of the market as a beartrend. Perhaps it will start trending upward again around 2024, when Jupiter and Saturn will start forming a square.

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pete tipped:
Well, at least it's prediction with astrology and not with animal guts.