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Tesla,Tesla's and Teslas.

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Total Economy: 0.24 USD
How many Tesla 3's can you fit in two 40 foot containers? .50 USD for first correct answer, and one guess each person.
pete tipped:
0.02 USD
2 years ago
It's 8. This picture is of two at the door end of a 40 foot container. The racking holds two in the air and the two on the ground. 4 per container....thus 8. Congrats pete. Thank you for all the guesses. But, by the way the X and S are bigger and one container can't hold 4 of them, only the '3'.
pete tipped:
0.13 USD
2 years ago
oliver8008 replied:
PS. This racking is reused and sent back to the factory all consolidated in one 20 foot container.
4; 2 per container, A container is 40’ long x 8’ wide x 8’ 6” high, the tesla 3 is around 16' long and 6' wide and 5' high, so you can only fit 2 per container and have 8' spare.
oliver8008 tipped:
0.11 USD
2 years ago
pete replied:
Thanks for the tip!
oliver8008 replied: