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How can Roger Ver bring any good to BSV? How does a mass coiner fit in with our vision? We know he is good at splitting coins by his history. Roger Ver is a criminal.

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1 year ago
Rule #1 be nice ... also to Roger.
thacypha replied:
Do you think asking questions is not being nice? I have not even asked about him and his mates in the exchanges and their attempt to delist BSV.
Why should we listen to anyone who created that mess BCH?
we need 7B people in bitcoin. if Roger joins BSV, that's 1/7,000,000,000. Small but good. He might also bring another 100 people or so. good as well
If the goal is for Bitcoin to be as pervasive as TCP then all should be welcome.
musiq replied:
All are welcome but if people are trying to bring him on as a "hero", that's the most disgusting thing I've seen. He's the main mastermind who coordinated the BCH/BSV split using his influence over exchanges. Saying everything is ok and welcoming him with open arms just to get the coin price to go up is like throwing away what Bitcoin stands for. If he wants to join BSV, he should quietly join and show proof of work and even apologize for what he has done.
bazanga replied:
Yes definitely not a hero.
Is Roger Ver joining BSV? Source?
dimadan replied:
he joined twetch I believe. I don't think he wants to join BSV, he wants BSV features on BCH, but that ain't happenings, so he has to overcome his pride to join the network that works.. or not yet
We live in the redemption timeline.
You should probably hear what Roger has to say first.
thacypha replied:
True but i can only go on his history.
Isn't BSV for everyone?
thacypha replied:
I can not see him bringing any good.