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Are you on a low carb diet? Let us know why you decided to try it and whether you decided to go for high fat or high protein.
I've been doing keto for a couple of months now. I'm "trying" to stick to typical keto, moderate protein, high fat, although I find that quite tricky and generally end up eating way more protein than I should. I mainly did this to lose weight fast. I did that but have noticed other broader health benefits too so i'm kinda content to stick at it for a while. I probably will relax a little bit eventually, just to make eating with the family easier. But will avoid going back to previous high carb diet.
marquee replied:
Great to hear. I have done a lot of research and experimentation in this area and I have a couple of comments. 1. Don't worry about protein over-consumption. 2. Don't try and eat a lot of fat. Think of it more this way: PP CC FF Prioritise Protein Control Carbs Fill with Fat The best resource on this topic I have found (and I've read a lot), is the P.E. Diet by Dr Ted Naiman. https://pedietbook.com/ My research into the biochemistry of metabolism fully supports Ted's recommendations. Ted is more relaxed than a lot of keto zealots which will probably suit you well.
libs replied:
I remember when you started on this journey you were full on carnivore, at least initially. Are you still on that track or have you changed how you're approaching things?
marquee replied:
I am mostly carnivore now. Typical day is: Breakfast at 12pm * Waitrose English Pork Sausage x2 * Smoked back bacon x4 * 4-6 eggs scrambled or fried Or I'll have a French/Italian cold meat and cheese selection until I'm full. Then around 5/6pm I'll have dinner which could be Some kind of beef stew (500g beef) or Sirloin/Rump/Ribeye Steak and cheese burgers with garnish (gherkins, jalapenos, cherry toms from greenhouse, mustard). No bread. or Pulled pork slow cooked or smoked or Lamb shish kebabs without the bread but I'll have some houmous and a little salad and chilli sauce. I usually have dessert which at the moment is English strawberries with Greek yoghurt and maybe a half teaspoon of authentic Greek honey or some Swiss dark chocolate. :D