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After producing "TAAL 0" episode, which acts as a primer for the whole company; Len had a mostly unanswered question: "Why consider $TAALF if you can invest in #BSV ?". We STILL probably haven't covered all aspects of that question, but in "TAAL 1" episode (linked below) we list some reasons: Favorite: BSV isn't actually going to achieve it's price via adding up Node market caps and dividing by 21 million-- that's more of a Book Value (in equity analysis parlance) analysis. AKA what would it cost to rebuild the BSV Network from scratch in capital expenditures + goodwill? But we CAN more-easily value $TAALF (alternative US ticker) because it will just be valued on traditional revenue, earnings and growth metrics. Without further ado, "TAAL ep. 1" https://streamanity.com/video/vwclTAhBF4Cl ( TAAL ep. 0 for reference: https://streamanity.com/video/WVSBizF5hqsp ) Maybe the gift of equity information is what to get your "baby" for Xmas? 💎💰💚🙏