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very nice to posses
‪A commodity money based on the exchange of a tokenized security issued as a payment to economically incentivized nodes for a right to compete in a system to preserve an immutable entry on a global, public ledger.‬
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big blocks, fees low
defined in Satoshi Nakamoto's white paper, titled: "A peer-to-peer Electronic Cash System"
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Thank you. My first tip. Will learn how this works and start tipping too.
our Future.
unity within singularity
the future asset !
for you!
A speculative asset that I hodl til nums go up
oh so sweet!
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for everyone
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unlocking ourselves from homogenization.
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how so?
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In part, by solving the problem of Byzantine fault tolerance, we've created a model where a deterministic outcome can be produced from an indeterminate state. Aside from the utility proof-of-work provides directly, it also is an indicator of our capacity to flourish and thrive as a society without requiring all participants to adopt arbitrary points-of-view from which to behold significance. So that means each view becomes more useful to the network in spite of the fact that there can be conflicting views or even paradoxes, simply because the view is recognized as authentic. In this way, we become stewards of our experiences and natural narratives in a way that allows us to more deeply connect with each other, instead of connecting with the versions of ourselves we present in order to fit in with prevailing narratives. This allows us to be more fully authentic both with ourselves and with each other.
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Very fun today
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