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“I am trying to express and uncover something mystical and sublime that lies in everyone, but for the looking and listening. The nature of spiritualism in art has here-to-fore been expressed as either religious icon or new age symbolism. My artwork is an attempt to bring about a new image or paradigm, that gives values to a connection with a Truer Self, a more real Self. That Self, found in quiet moments of reflection or in the chaos of our deepest despair, is where our meaning is found, it is communication with the divine source of our existence. Without it, we lose our purpose and sense of wellbeing. I want to point to the availability of that contact and the inevitability of its final outcome. You are not separate and you have never been separate. My artworks are but symbols of an alternative, an expression of and exposure to a “something else”. It is deep within us and all around us and can be tapped into if we are willing to lose ourself to this...preponderant Self.” Tony Schaefer
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