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This is interesting. I'm only about 10 minutes in but it sounds like a market has emerged which uses BSV to tokenize an exit for trapped OKEx users.. How BSV tokens are helping OKEx users caught in a crisis https://youtube.com/watch?v=eUw_AldYd_4
Academic theoretical intellectual debate ? 😝😝😝
remember OP_return debate ? now it is in the second place and this is awesome! we now see a competition on TOKENisation :) next will the PoW debate? At the end very powerful tools will come out from those debates. Let us do it in real markets in 2021
null replied:
Sounds very interesting indeed and I would love to watch it, but it says "This video is private"!!! I wonder why they decided to keep it to themselves... could this have anything to do with Google censoring/meddling again?
glauce replied:
@null, you said "it sounds like a market has emerged which uses BSV to tokenize an exit for trapped OKEx users", can you say something about it for those of us who can't get access to the content?
null replied:
i would guess that the "public security bureau" mentioned in the article didn't approve of being identified beyond the phrase "public security bureau" named in the video. that was perhaps the only unpolished information i noticed during the video. first half was talking about how OKEx (and floatSV) is currently unable to process withdrawals. that while the exchange is declaring user funds are safe, we can't know how long it will take to reopen withdrawals on the platform(s). users may already have this option or something like it, or this idea is still in the works, or perhaps it was scrapped entirely. i dont know why else the video would have been pulled, but what it sounded like was users can use their trapped funds as a form of collateral for a tokenized form of their assets on exchange. (at a 1:1 ratio) the tokenized asset has a value and can be traded outside of the exchange. for an example, a user may have full faith that their funds on exchange are safe, and that eventually they will regain access to their funds. however that same user with immediate liquidity needs have the option to sell this token on the open market (which will likely be less than the full 1:1 exchange rate). in other words, it sounded like it was offering a way to get out (for a premium) or a way to get in (at a discount)
glauce tipped:
glauce replied:
All right! Thank you@null, that was very helpful indeed!
null replied:
video is now public, available URL in original post the article is here https://coingeek.com/jack-liu-how-bsv-tokens-are-helping-okex-users-caught-in-a-crisis-video/
glauce replied:
Thank you@null
I saw Fabriik have also started to promote their tokenization platform. Plus they were also at the current Dubai Summit https://ritossasummits.com/agenda.pdf
Yes this is cool. Will be a good demonstration of the low fees and usability of BSV. I sense a flood of tokens appearing on BSV pretty soon.
null replied:
brief, but important discussion on standardization of token protocol @ 19:40