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for some reason i've been talking with non-bsv crypto people the past couple days, and it's remarkable how little they've updated their talking points over time!?! like, someone said to me yesterday how SegWit is awesome b/c it's a block size increase .... what?? the point of that line was to be in denial about how the "BTC" fees were going to keep being high and unpredictable .... by now they were supposed to have updated that line to say that high fees are awesome or irrelevant because LN, or something,,,,,, but they just haven't bothered to update their line, they're just like, SegWit is awesome because it's a block size increase, that's what i heard so that's what i'm saying the conversation i just had with someone right now, they explained to me how BSV's only cheap to transact on because nobody's sending any transactions ... i linked them to the coin.dance chart and tried to explain to them that we've had higher transactions than BTC since last November and someone just put millions of transactions saying "Kanye2020" for no good reason and we just laughed because it doesn't matter because their old talking point has been conclusively proved wrong by history i don't even feel any pleasant smugness or schadenfreude, i just feel like, wtf that's disorienting .... like, i generally kinda think of "BTC" believers as believing the latest lines from the aware thinking people over there who are churning out new lines ..... but it's not really like that, they just believe whatever OLD things they heard WHENEVER and repeat them as if they still made sense ..... i'm embarrassed for them
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Yes, that's unfortunate. Roger Ver presented in one of his YouTube videos an interesting clip about how easy it is to peer pressure and manipulate individuals. Maybe once an idea is planted, it's easy to not think about it -> to not update the situation. Like driving to work day after day, the road becomes too familiar...
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Yeah it's just literally these thoughts they haven't bothered to update since when we last talked to them. Like those lines are from about the same time as the BSV people just stopped talking to the (rest of the?) crypto community. They told us that BSV was impossible and definitely wouldn't work, and we were like, uh, well, we're going to try it anyway and see if it does, shouldn't be any harm to you if it doesn't so why are you so upset, enjoy your projects. End of conversation. And then we went and tried it and it worked fine and so since then we've just been chatting on-chain and building all sorts of new systems and nobody, like, goes back to the crypto world to check on them and get them up to date. So that conversation is just sorta awkwardly frozen at when we last engaged.
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