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So... As a countermeasure for the hack, Twitter seems to be blocking tweets which contains deposit address now. Would this kind of scam happen on Powping? Make your bet :P
if you post a scam message here and make money, it goes into your bitcoin wallet tied to your identity, so it's traceable. This identity-wallet connection is key, because most of the times scammers have economic incentive to scam. If you can't easily move the funds you acquired through scam because of the attached identity, this will eventually disincentivize scams.
kapil replied:
But isn't it that I can make a new money button account by a new email and then login to powping. Am I missing something? Money button doesn't do a kyc or have any mandates for true identity as they are a non custodial wallet
But anyway, sharing powpings to twitter is failing now
trustyfly replied:
make a shortcode