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I can't get my friends and family to understand Twetch, or even the benefits of Twetch over other social media (including owning your own data, etc). I try and sign people up and they literally scoff at the idea of paying to post, comment, etc. The conversation seldom extends beyond that because they perceive they are getting something for "free" on Facebook or Twitter. Even if I offer free bitcoin to get started, they are not interested. However, these same people understand the simplicity of tipping. I have yet to try and onboard anyone to Powping to be honest, but my first impression is that it will be much easier.
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1 year ago
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1 year ago
i've had similar issues trying to on board folks to twetch, got lucky with a couple; but overall folks that don't get a pay for attention/interaction setup on top of simple bitcoin knowledge barrier haven't attempted to make an entry or even be bothered to understand what is being shared with them. Offering them money hasn't really accelerated it either. This time when i start to make my rounds, hoping that if they accept a no fee/no skin in the game entry solution to get their feet wet, that they will also start to take more interest in bitcoin and the possibilities. Hopefully then other systems also make sense and will attract them. Been spouting off about bitcoin going back to 2013 to some of these people, maybe i won't even mention the underlying bitcoin aspect of powping right away 🤭 trick them into making future monies 😈
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1 year ago
brian replied:
Sounds like we've had the same experience. I sound like I'm knocking Twetch and I don't want to because they are an excellent company/service. Just different. And the one that onboards the most people fastest will win.