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@framore - your sienamkt.com merchandise looks great and I love that you're trying so hard to help demonstrate BSV in the "real" economy. I can't really spend $50 on shipping for $50 of coffee and pasta to get it to the U.S. - but I just wanted to let you know that if I were in Italy I would definitely be supporting you. And... if you do live in Italy... please support this guy!
:) thanks but your order would be much less for a great Siciian coffee purchased with Bitcoin
framore replied:
andthe more you buy the more convenient
benjamin replied:
Yep - saw that discount! Just frustrating that the shipping would be more than the coffee itself! Keep pressing, I think more Italians will on-board to BSV in the not too distant future -- I hope!
framore replied:
Actually our company is based in South Korea, we are an importer of fine Italian food. We sell in Korea. Italians won't buy online our items, this is thought for abroad. The site is fine I agree, however in 2 months only 3 sales, there is no really use in Bitcoin of commerce. It is just my hobby.
framore replied:
For the shipping we will make a contract with fedex and probably drop drastically, but I don't expect this will increase sales. BSV community is super tiny and they don't spend. Even the rich guys don't care to support who supports BSV. It is just bla bla :)
benjamin replied:
Ah - got it. Yes, understand the frustration. I think there's some disdain from the wealthier / BSV epicenter dwellers for the smaller start-up apps, merchants, etc. - but some of that may come from the provocation on social media and elsewhere. That said, I do think they should celebrate use cases wherever they can as it drives txs on the network to prove-out their promise, develops narratives to counter CAAL Inc., etc. Bottom line - agree, there's not much actual commerce happening. "18 months away..."