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Please have a look at my new BSV enabled website and let me know what you think? Any comments are welcome. This is very early days and I did it in a day and a half as a POC, so lots more to come. For now it will be used to promote and tip new artists for their work. You are welcome to donate to the development of this website as well :-) www.neokiewiet.com
adambowcutt tipped:
yeah fast...need some furious 👍
It needs some mobile optimisation but for a 2 day effort the functionality is great... Keep on building :)
neokiewiet tipped:
neokiewiet replied:
Thanks, yes I know. That will be my next focus.
neokiewiet replied:
I have made a quick change and www.neokiewiet.com is now mobile ready. Still lots of details to fix, but it is now at least workable. Sorry for being my testing subjects👍😀 Please have a look again.
look nice , display is clear , clean and user friendly.
neokiewiet tipped:
neokiewiet replied:
Thank you. Still lots of improvements coming.