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This might be a little bit off in the weeds, but Bitfeed seems like it'd be a great way to manage a bitcoin-hosted webpage. The biggest issue with hosting a site completely on-chain at the moment is the fact that changing a page would require updating DNS records (or some equivalent). With Bitfeed, you could just point your DNS at a server which renders the html file published by a certain Bitfeed, and then any updates pushed to the feed could be rendered on the new version of the site in realtime. You could host the server on chain, as well. Since all you're doing is referencing a certain tx bitcode, the DNS records pointing to the aggregator don't need to change at all. As a neat bonus, versioning becomes trivial. You would have a built in wikipedia-style diff tracker in the form of the previous page history. You could either build a JS interface to browse version history, or it could be built into a Bottle-type browser. In fact, there's no reason why you couldn't make a page editable by the public, a la wikipedia. Any edits would just get submitted under the same protocol code. It could get a little hairy! but it might be really fun
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It's not off in the weeds, it's exactly what bitfeed is for. it's for everything. Wrote a post on this https://powping.com/posts/eae94f6647f6a73adc3aceda1442b58c4ae44a3ee33b80dda01ae97c80c64402