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Speaking at CoinGeek - and meeting CSW

Speaker gift given to all presenters. I also took a notebook and pen for posterity :)

I spoke at the Coingeek conference this week, so I thought that I would record my impressions of the event on-chain as an aide-memoire for the future.

My initial impressions and first contact with the Ayre Media Group (who run the conference) were very positive. Highly polished teams facilitated all the arrangements, offered remuneration for my attendance, arranged travel and offered two nights in a London hotel. They also asked for my invoice up-front which was paid in full before the event began. That in itself is almost unheard-of for business owners.

Many speakers are often asked to speak at conferences “for exposure and networking”, and many companies are reluctant to offer speakers any payment at all. Even when the events make a profit, the speakers – who contributed to the success of the event.

The logistics all ran really smoothly, and a full-blown rehearsal was held in the London offices the day before the event started. Inside the London TV studio a full production team, stage managers, and sound engineers made certain that the London – New York live link worked perfectly with minimal delays.

Every detail was accounted for. This is a big-budget event, and it showed.

During the live event in the Green Room, makeup artists were there to dust presenters down before they went into the studio. Floor runners kept everyone up to date with timings and everything ran like clockwork.

The session itself was interesting – but you can see it for yourself here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=FIgesLz9LTc&feature=youtu.be&t=28298 where the panel I was on starts at 7:51:38.

I got a nice piece of feedback from the studio floor. The production director told me that the panel was the first session that the floor team had listened to and commented on – because I had presented it in an easy-to-understand way for non-blockchain/Bitcoin folks to understand. #win

I got back into the Green Room and met Craig Wright. What a nice, decent honest man! We chatted – mainly about the technical infrastructure, and scalability, and talked about how the hard protocol forks would bring the stability for Bitcoin SV to gain enterprise adoption.

We also talked about trolls who besiege me every time I write about Bitcoin SV on ZDNet, but are strangely silent when I write about other protocols such as IBM's enterprise blockchain, or Ethereum. We agreed that they were just trying to intimidate and bully me from writing about BSV. 

He is quiet, unassuming, and calm. I liked him a lot, and have no doubts that he actually did write the Bitcoin White Paper.

The CEO of TAAL , Jerry Chan was also in the Green Room and, I was surprised that he pronounces his company name in a different way to me. I elongate the ‘a’s so TAAL sounds like the 'a' in aardvark. CSW disagreed saying that the first letter of aardvark is silent. We agreed to differ.

All in all, the CoinGeek conference was superb and I was buzzing to have met so many interesting people at the studios and the Green Room. I would not hesitate to go back and speak again. I loved it.

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It's always great to have speakers like you who have educated themselves on the subject and know what they're talking about!
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1 year ago
eileenb replied:
thanks :-) I try to focus on the tech - so many folks on Bictoin (any version) seem to only talk about how to get rich - I tried to focus on te tech ;-)
Thanks a lot for that@eileenb, you were very informative! Loved the atmospheric tone too and could almost feel brushes dusting my face while people rushed around the space, getting things ready. I am glad you explained how it's done in the world out there and how your experience as speaker at the CoinGeek conference compared in such a positive way... I am happy for you and for the Ayre Media Group... what an all round amazing job! More points for the BSV culture! The conference was a brilliant success and your part in it was special, having emphasized the urgent need to make Bitcoin SV accessible to all. As for Craig, we are at one. I empathise with everything you said about him, including the detail of agreeing to disagree... haha... had to bite my tongue before you met, just in case my words lingered... I knew Bitcoin was what I was looking for, the way in to a better world, from the first time I watched him speak. Although it doesn't matter one way or the other, I too have no doubt Craig is the creator of Bitcoin.
Must have just missed you in the green room... Would have been nice to say hello.
eileenb replied:
heck that's a shame - I was there from 5-9pm. Another time then :)
I watched it live, you did great!
chrispin_kabuya replied:
Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience. Yeah these guys are good. Many judge Bitcoin sv without even testing what it has to offer.
eileenb replied:
Thanks@musiq :) - I really tried not to focus on how much you can earn on the platform - but rather the tech potential of just how flexible the landscape will be. If everyone just talks about how much they can earn, then businesses who want to create business value from their offerings will turn away. There are too many focusing on the cash opportunities and not the potential for massive transactional throughputs and distributed scale...
musiq tipped:
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1 year ago
musiq replied:
well said! 👍🏻