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Anthony De Mello

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There was once a woman who was religious and devout and filled with love for God. Each morning she would go to Church. And on her way children would call out to her, beggars would accost her, but so immersed was she in her devotions that she did not even see them. Now one day she walked down the street in her customary manner and arrived at the church just in time for service. She pushed the door, but it would not open. She pushed it again harder, and found the door was locked. Distressed at the thought that she would miss service for the first time in years, and not knowing what to do, she looked up. And there, right before her face, she found a note pinned on to the door. It said, β€œI’m out there!” πŸ™‚ Of a saint it used to be said that each time he left home to go and perform his religious duties he would say, β€œAnd now, Lord, goodbye! I am off to Church.” πŸ™‚
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