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what do you mean?
robertogox replied:
From Plexus media website: Plexus Media, founded in 2016, is an investor marketing firm enabling new digital ways to share your investment story and attract potential retail investors. Our programs and proprietary marketing technology help pre-IPOs and publicly-listed companies syndicate their investment story to multiple channels and generate media coverage and investor awareness. In a nutshell, we produce and distribute newsworthy content to attract, engage, and nurture relations with shareholders and prospective retail investors. We developed a proprietary program and technology to access investing and trading communities and media across the web. By the way I also saw your last tweet, the two coincide.
liam replied:
Ah, you mean TAAL gearing up for an uplisting / ramping up awareness to investors. And possibly this investor marketing firm related to an Nchain IPO?
robertogox replied:
Craig Wright investment is putting money, buying the debt. Calvin set up the business, Craig goes all in.