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Sorry about this, but had to roll back the multi-admin feature which was released just earlier today. https://powping.com/posts/f59c8b11ff21fa90adfacbe23de2502a6fda1ac18b3ca5b5d1a84870d0496655 Found some flaws and will have to come back with a better version. Until then, we will have to do with one admin.
Just were talking about that in the meetup, and Ramon was sharing screen for show us the novelties in powping and was unable to find the place to add new admins, now we know why :D
I was wondering where I could add a moderator
unwriter replied:
There were multiple cases where I discovered issues. Will need to come up with solutions to those problems and roll out the improved version.
Great. Glad that you caught them. I think that is fine for now, I haven't seen enough traffic on any channel that would require multiple mods.