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19th August: Short term bullish on the Dollar index today,expecting to move up to the liquidity zone or to fill it.I will be looking to short EUR and GBP for this mornings London session.
And there we go, finally saw the expected bullish volume on DXY as pointed out earlier both targets hit.
Just a quick note. I dont trade DXY direct, I use it to find direction on the foreign currency pairs I trade in London open and New York. I find short term direction on USD each day and look to trade foreign currency in the opposite direction. I have strict trades rules and I will only take a trade if one becomes valid. So for example today I am looking to short EURUSD or USDCAD as there is lot of news for CAD today and will naturally bring volatility to the market.
Uneventful London trading session, we had a pullback on USDX. Expecting the move to happen now in NY session starting in 1h.
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