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We are developing a free application to watch cryptocurrency rates. Main advantages: any OS, actual rates from various exchanges and sources, window customization, resize for any resolution. We appreciate any suggestions and feedback. https://www.reddit.com/r/bitcoin_monitor_app/ https://t.me/bitcoin_monitor_app https://twitter.com/BitcoinWidget
Does the application UI show somewhere when the price data was updated? ⏳
bitcoin_monitor replied:
No price just updates every 30 seconds, do you think it would useful to have up and down inside UI? Price updates just as in the core functionality video
pete replied:
I was thinking about a situation where price data can't be fetched. If the app would then show old data to the user, that's why timestamp of last update could be useful. :-)
bitcoin_monitor replied:
Thx, we would think how to implement this, without overcomplexing the UI