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The identity of the POS model, Reddit, and translation https://note.com/youiti2nz/n/n2904c7d580d6 ↑ It is written in detail in NOTE Although it is paid level information, it will be distributed free of charge for a limited time. Those who can read it now are profitable. Latest BSV unconfirmed information Coinbase changed the button under BSV to “not yet available” I saw the information one hour ago. I haven’t been able to confirm if it was “not available” before. Hand cache https://tpow.app/3857450e Looking ahead, TV stations are abolished and video distribution is Moved to BSV, with collection only when watching Distribute the TV station as an individual Promotional link When you paste and click, the advertising agency will be closed due to real-time income and will be decentralized. I read that it can be long-term.